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Осень в семействе Кохаягава

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ENDArt Festival Entry
A Takarazuka Eiga Production
Producer: Masumi Fujimoto
Masakatsu Kaneko - Tadahiro Teramoto
Screenplay: Takago Noda
Yasujiro Ozu
Photography: Tomoichi Nakai
Music: Toshiro Mayuzumi
Assistant Director: Jukichi Takemae
Art objects selection:
Tabundo Okamura
Setsuko Hara
Yoko Tsukasa
Michiyo Aratama
Keiju Kobayashi
Akira Takarada
Daisuke Kato
Reiko Dan - Yumi Shirakawa
Kyu Sazanka - Yu Fujiki
Haruko Sugimura - Yuko Mochizuki
Chieko Naniwa - Chishu Ryu
Haruko Togo - Michiyo Tamaki
Masahiko Shimazu - Tatsuo Endo
Tomoo Uchida - Kyoji Hayakawa
Hisaya Morishige
Ganjiro Nakamura (Daiei)
Director: YASUJIRO OZU (Shochiku)
How thorough
-Let me see that
Doesn't this eye look smaller today?
It looks the same to me
Does it?
Such an expensive gift
I bought it myself
Here he is!
You came alone?
She'll be here around seven
I'll have whisky on the rocks
She had to deliver a painting
I see
You praised her highly...
...but do you know my taste?
Of course
Your late wife was pretty
and this spring at Arima...
You mustn't mention such things
There's just one drawback
What's that?
She has a son
by her late husband
Fine. I have children, too
What was his business?
Auniversity professor
A professor, eh
Not a sake brewer's son?
She dislikes her family's business
So she's the widow of a scholar
She should be here
Perhaps I shouldn't be here
Perhaps not
I'll act as though I came in...
...and met you by chance
-Where will you go?
-Over there
Isn't it better?
Signal me if you like her
OK, I'll rub my nose
Here you go
-Where's he going?
What is the sign?
We were talking about baseball
Hello. Here
-Sorry I'm late
-Never mind. Sit down
Do you want a drink?
No thanks
Later then
Please make yourself at home
Thank you for coming here
Not at all. What did you want?
I hadn't seen you for a while...
...and wondered how things were going
Oh, it's you , Kitagawa
It's been a long time
We last met at the Rokko Golf Link
-Please sit down
-No, no...
Please join us
For a little while then
Who's this?
My wife's niece
Oh, yes, I've heard about
the Kohayagawa family
I work at my friend's art gallery
I see, that's fine
This is my business card
I operate a small steel mill
I'm deeply obliged to him
Is that so
You have a nice job
Yes, it is, but...
Have you any paintings of an ox?
You know, an ox
I collect things concerning the ox
This is also an ox
I'd like to have a painting of an ox
A Japanese style painting, or...
Well? Shall I leave it to her?
Why not
I'll leave it to you
I'll look for one
Noriko maybe visiting me today
I'll telephone
-Where's the telephone?
-That way
-OK, she's OK
That's fine
A big OK
You truly knew my taste.
She's the right age, too
Arrange everything, will you
Let's dine out later.
Anyway, let's have a drink
Excuse me
Is Gin Fizz all right?
Three Gin Fizzes, please
OK, OK. A big OK
That's wonderful
Let's toast to this occasion
A toast
I am home
I'm sorry to keep you waiting
I hurried home.
I turned down an invitation
Isn't this wrong? Think again
Isn't it like this?
Then this is wrong
Think hard
What is it? What did you want
to discuss with me?
They want me to have
a marriage interview
Again? How popular
It isn't like the last time
This time it's serious.
Even Sister urges me
Oh? Who is he?
A man whose father
is the president of a bank...
...but he works for a beer company
It sounds good
Don't treat it so lightly.
I'm perplexed
About what?
I haven't even considered
marriage yet
Perhaps not, but you can't evade it
Why not just meet the man?
You can reject him
Neither Father nor Fumiko
will force you to marry him
I wonder
Of course
Business seems to be poor nowadays
Father wants me to marry the man
Is that so?
Осень в семействе Кохаягава

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