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RumjancevaI'm a shy businessman. I want to spend the night with you. If you agree then keep this card. If not - give it back to me. I'm running out of them.
I love you, Tanya.
I love you, too.
I want to marry you.
Thanks God!You finally cracked.
No, is it really true that we'll gett married?
No,you really want to marry me?
I already told it to my mother.
Very really.
And we will move to your place?
If you want.
I love you.
Ok, I have to go now.
I'm going? Yes? No, no, I'm late.
Take the presents.
You know what? I will not take them, but you will bring them to me. Ok?
Ok. And it is necessary to tell you mother about us.
My sweetheart.
Tanya, wait.
Yes? What?
Here are 500 crowns. Take them, as you always do. In our country the rate of the dollar dropped right now.
Maybe it is not profitable for you?
Put them away. Stop it.
In our country wives don't charge money from their husbands for sex.
That's right. But a wife is always worth much more.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Oh God, help me please.
Oh, Anna Matveyevna
Good morning, good morning.Here you are.
Oh, it's not needed, I don't really know..
As always, as always.
You are as a mother to me.
Madame Larson.
Did Anna Matveyevna inform you?
Come on, I don't recognize you, Tanya. You are an experienced person. Professional.
Zhenya, maybe you will let me go?
What are you talking about?
Let's go. We miss you down there.
Zhenya, I'm getting married.
Zhenya, Zhenya, let me out of here. It's me, Zinka.
My darling, let me out. It is stuffy in here.
Oh, here are the best people of our community.
Now everybody is here.
Take you seats, please.
Leave me alone.
Now, let's continue.
Where did I stop last time?
I promise to go to school, to finish the 10th grade and get a diploma.
Of being sexually mature.
Zinaida Vasilyevna, you are disturbing.
I'm keeping silence.
Besides, I give you my word, scout's honour not to attend an Inturist hotel and never ever be a prostitute.
Natalya, who wrote this application 1 week ago?
Well, me
How many times already?
Listen, your father, well, who is he, I think..
My father is a professor, studying the culutre of Africa.Though he has never been in Africa.
In the Institute, he tells his students one thing, but when he comes home, he is laughing about what he was telling them.
And that is why?
And that's why I know, nothing will happen to me.
Hallo captain, we have arrived.
Hi, wait there.
And who is he?
This is my friend from Syria.
He is fighting for peace, you can even read it on the other side of that photo.
And in his room, you were fighting for peace, too?
Yes, something like that.
Fuck, what an idiot, who is hiding stuff like that? Fuck..
Natalya.. Earlier I didn't find more than 50 marks in your bag. But here is 100!
Everything gets more expensive in the world.
And since when did syrians start to pay with finnish marks?
I found those marks.
What a fortune! And where?
In the elevator.
So when we arrested you, you were on your way to give your find to the state?
Of course.
The headline in The Pioneer Pravda: Honest girl's actions.
Text itself: a pupil of the 10th (b) grade gave to the state 100 finnish marks, which she has found..
In the underwear of a famous syrian peace fighter.
Stop making fun.
Why not? We have only just begun.
And stop immediately.
Now we start a custom examination.
Where is your search warrant?
Yevgeniy Alekseyevich, fill out this form please that Zinaida Vasylyevna has been drunk in the Inturist hotel after 23.00
Where do you work?
Same place as always.
Lenmost project.
As who?
An odd-job woman.
Poor labouror.
And what is your s..
90 rubles.
Oh, not bad, how nice it increased. The enemy propagandists only need to glance at Zinaida Vasilyevna Mileyko and they will start crying of embarassment.
The car is waiting, Anatoliy Andreyevich.
I'm finishing. Now you will take those two.
And the

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