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I never knew
why the men
came back of the sea
The sea is cruel,
but the sea
is pure
That the immense sea is pure
Must come of the fact
that the men in sea
Are few
and very distant
She/it never caused to me
that of the sufferings
And yet I wonder
why the men
come back of the sea
The sea is cruel,
but the sea
is pure
Oh, poor brunette earth
So much kindness
you could have dispensed
Of good news
of the princess?
No, master.
Still sleepy.
Did you obey me?
Yes, master.
The blind?
One found it.
The charity,
for Allah's love.
The charity,
for Allah's love.
Does your illegitimate child dare to bark?
Beautiful gratitude, in truth!
Your piece is false.
Then you cheat, malandrin.
A blind
cannot make the difference.
Alas, I see drop there.
It is my dog.
How a dog
can he/it know?
By Allah's prodigies!
She/it is false
and I ignored it.
amateur of trunks of trees
and unearth the false piece.
It is not a dog
but the Large reincarnate Treasurer!
Oh you to that Allah
fills the eyes
of all these beauties,
dedicate a thought to the one
for that these marvels
in the eternal night.
The charity,
for Allah's love.
The charity,
for Allah's love.
Bring it to me.
Pray for me,
I am called Halima.
I don't know you.
Does one know all his/her/its friends?
I don't have some.
You will trust
to the one that offers you
food and rest
in his/her/its house?
What is mine is yours.
In return for what?
Of your prayers.
It is little strong.
Take my hand.
My dog sees for me.
He/it gives to me more
that he/it doesn't receive in return.
This sleep
pass my understanding.
But when the blind will come,
she/it will come out of the sleep.
trange that he/it can succeed
where we fail.
He/it will heal it
and I will hunt it.
But she/it likes the blind.
The lisp of two children
is he/it the love?
She/it ignores all of the love.
I am going to teach it to him.
Poor blind.
And even poorer than it.
One is not veiled.
My eyes are... veiled.
What is your name?
You don't have need anymore
to beg.
- Nor to wander.
- Remains with us!
I know you beautiful
but would not know to stop
before having recovered
my beloved.
The seers often pass
their life without finding it.
Our physicians
will heal you maybe.
Sink perspective...
You speak by enigmas.
I go
to put you on the way.
He/it was a king, son of king,
and of hundred kings.
His/her/its topics were numerous,
his/her/its huge fortune
and his/her/its power, absolute.
This dog was not a dog,
but a kid of Baghdad
who became dear to the king.
Then, he/it was again
that a small thief.
That you to sniff have
my fish, manant?
Do I call the care?
To the thief!
Stop it!
King Ahmad,
son of Akbar,
of Haroun-Al-Raschid,
the Large, the lllustre,
Lord of the Earth,
Defender of the Faith,
Servant of the Almighty
and Mr. of all men.
the king!
Ahmad, the king...
Alas, I was this man.
I possessed 365 women
but my heart ignored the love.
I had 50 palaces,
without being at home.
Although rich,
I was poorer than the poor people.
All desire satisfies
removed me all other desire.
I didn't find anything to make
in my vast kingdom.
I was without projects,
without goals,
because my big vizir Jaffar
between me and my people.
Again an execution...
For what misdemeanor?
He/it thought,
my Lord and master.
Is this a crime?
It is unforgivable
for a topic.
Is it necessary to govern by the fear?
The man is bad, hateful,
lying and traitorous in the soul.
You will learn, big king,
that the man
only respect three things:
the whip that stings,
the yoke that suppresses
and the sword that kills.
By the terror that they trigger,
you will be able to conquer the earth.
Do I want only of it?
What would you like to make?
I would like to make they happy.
Happy? It is not
that of

- ...
- Eorin shinbu

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