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"For whom would nature exist with
no one to behold her?" Question mark.
"With no one to feel the snow
getting ever colder?" Question mark.
"No one to fear the thunder,
with its roar?" Question mark.
"No one to hear the waves
lap at the shore?" Question mark.
"No one to scan the sky?"
"To watch the shooting star?"
Question mark.
"For no one... for herself...
for a lark."
Why did you stop?
I wish we had a child.
He would be as talented as you are.
I don't have any talent,
I just translate talented writers.
He would love you so much!
We'd wait for you together.
Alla, you know that I cannot
change anything in my life.
The Sixth Artistic Association
Screenplay by
Alexander VOLODIN
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by Andrey PETROV
Director - Yuri KUSHNEREV
Sound by Alexander POGOSIAN
English Subtitles by
A Sad Comedy
- Mornin'.
- Mornin'.
- You ready?
- I'll just tell my wife.
Nina! We're off and running.
Oh great! And I could've slept
another hour!
Can't you talk?
Give a meow, at least.
Next time answer it yourself.
- Have you ever tasted these, Bill?
- Don't think I have.
- What do you call them?
- "Khvorost".
It's delicious.
- Nina's a very good cook.
- Don't overdo it, darling.
Sorry, I couldn't understand.
- She was talking to me.
- I was talking to him.
Bill, if one doesn't say anything,
why should that call be for me?
Maybe we'd better
not involve Bill in this?
I don't understand.
- She was talking to me.
- I was talking to him.
Bouzykine, your Alla has just
waked me up
and asked me to tell you
to call her up immediately.
You forgot your manuscript
at her place.
I can't do it right now.
I'm loaded up with work.
I get it. Nina is with you.
All right. I'll call her back
- I don't think you should do it.
- Yes, I should. Bye.
That was Viriguine, my editor.
Rushing me up, as usual.
- Is it like this in Denmark too?
- Oh yes.
Don't you think his voice
was rather feminine?
- Whose voice?
- Your Veriguine's.
He was calling through
his secretary.
Do you like it? Nina made it
It is jam, yes?
No, it's called "preserves".
Excuse me.
Andrei, she seems a little angry.
I better go or I better stay?
- Which would make it easier?
- No, it's nothing.
She's just not feeling well.
- Goodbye, Bill.
- Goodbye.
Andrei will now entertain you
Nina, you want me to go shopping?
I'll have time after my seminar.
Go buy flowers for that secretary.
She's gone off to work.
Andrei, perhaps you have work too?
Perhaps I'm taking your time?
No, not at all.
Bill, I've read it.
Everything is fine, but there are
a few inaccuracies.
Right here, as far as I remember,
Dostoyevsky writes:
"You should take your medicine
and learn to like it".
You say "take your pill".
He means: Take what you've got
coming and like it. It's slang.
Excuse me.
Bouzykine, she's crazy,
our typist.
I called her to explain
what the situation was.
She told me to shut up
and that you should get lost
and never come again.
Maybe I'd better go there?
Don't you dare! Who asked you
to meddle in the first place?
All right. Bye.
Now I understand.
It's a colloquial expression.
Yeah, a colloquial expression.
I'm sorry, Bill,
now I have to go to the Institute.
Can I ask you just one more
simple question?
- Sure.
- Just a second, I've got to look.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- What's up?
- Shershavnikov is coming.
- Why are you hiding from him?
- Don't want to greet the bastard.
Why not?
- D'you know what he did yesterday?
- No.
He got Kluchansky fired,
Semyonov promoted,
and now Efimov is going
to be Vice-president.
Good morning, Vladimir.
- Have you seen Novikov?
- No, I haven't.
Hi! How are you today?
- Tell him I was looking for him.

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