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Бегущий человек

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Yankee nine-niner,
what are your coordinates?
Flight level 1-5.
Above release point
echo bravo one.
Move in
and check it out.
Moving in.
Food riot in progress.
1500 civilians.
No weapons evident.
Proceed with plan alpha.
Eliminate anything moving.
The crowd is unarmed.
There are lots
of women and children.
All they want is food!
Proceed with plan alpha.
All rioters must be eliminated.
The hell with you!
I will not fire
on helpless people.
Abort mission.
Return back to base.
Lieutenant Saunders,
take command.
Detain Richards.
Proceed as ordered.
what are you doing?
Damn it!
We're pitching over!
I got it.
I got control.
He said detain him.
Don't drop him.
Richards, you're
going to fry for this.
I'll see you
in hell.
Come on, keep digging.
What's the holdup?
This one's had it.
Watch the detonator.
Get that garbage
out of here.
Did you see
The Running Man
last night?
I never miss it.
I won 500 bucks.
Work crew
coming through.
Prisoner transfer
to post.
Ok, hang on.
Lenny, this is perimeter.
Shut down
the deadline.
shutting down now.
Access code pending.
Verify perimeter
Sonic deadline is down.
OK, move it.
Move it.
Let's go, let's go.
Get out the lead
or lose your head.
East perimeter here.
New prisoners are
all in compound.
We're clear.
Activating deadline.
What are you
looking at?
Get out of here!
Sonic deadline is up.
Sonic deadline is up.
Prisoner restraint
Collars armed.
Prisoner restraint
Collars armed.
Give you a lift?
Get it open!
Repeat the codes.
I did. 653.
It's not working!
You're hell
of an actor, Laughlin.
Who was acting?
You're still alive,
aren't you?
Repeat that code.
Weiss, what's
the holdup?
Come on!
The linking computer
is denying the code.
Must be the walls in here
are blocking the signal.
We try it outside.
Let's go! come on!
Get out of the way!
Open the gates!
Go ahead, do it.
Shut off the deadline,
or we all lose our heads.
The system's blocked.
Must be a lock-out.
Perimeter deactivated.
Perimeter deactivated.
All right!
All right!
Chico! Amigo!
Chico! Come back!
The deadline's still up.
He's not going
to make it.
That collar's
going to blow.
Sonic deadline.
Sonic deadline.
Prisoner restraint collars
Prisoner restraint collars
Perimeter deactivated.
Perimeter deactivated.
Perimeter deactivated.
Perimeter deactivated.
Perimeter deactivated.
Zone passes are required
at all times.
Display passes properly.
All interzone workers
with day passes
are reminded that curfew
begins at midnight.
Anyone without a valid
zone card after midnight
will be permanently detained.
Cadre kids,
Don't forget October is
bonus recruitment month.
Earn a double bonus
for reporting a family member.
ICS, your entertainment
and information network,
reminds you,
seeing is believing.
What's the number one
television show
in the whole wide world?
The Running Man!
Yes, it's The Running Man.
400 square blocks of Danger,
You want to buy
a hot stereo?
Glad you guys
made it.
network stalkers
give criminals, traitors,
and enemies of the state
exactly what they deserve.
Sundays, 8:00 to 11:00
on ICS channel 1.
Produced in cooperation
with the Department of Justice,
All rights reserved.
The Running Man,
America's favorite game show.
A child, your child-
happy, loving, caring...
do you
believe this?
24 hours a day.
Seven days a week.
Don't listen to it.
The network shuts
down the schools.
The kids
are brainwashed
By the TV.
We can
jam the network
Once we find
the satellite uplink.
We'll broadcast
the truth.
Truth? Hasn't been
popular lately.
Can't find the code
or the uplink
Don't know where
The network hid
something that big.
Steve, would you
Бегущий человек

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