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Our town is so nice.
Run for it!
I am not responsible for my actions.
Clearthe way!
it rolled me over.
I wanted to save you from it.
Some earthquake must have
caused it to move.
And so
it moved!
there was no earthquake here.
Admit it. You wanted
to boast of this huge watermelon.
And now we have lost it.
Perhaps we have, I dare say.
Come on...There are heaps ofthem there.
l wish you had picked cucumbers,
But you ran away.
Did I? If you wish so,
I can pick so many cucumbers
right now...
So many! I don't know how many...
You don't know...
And I do. Not a single one.
- We have picked them all.
- What a pity!
But still I'll find the biggest one.
- You'II see!
- Look for it then.
Little braggart.
What do you want?
Move out of myway!
I know your kind.
Who knocked me down?
Did anything fall from the sky?
A piece ofthe moon
must have fallen off
and hit me in the back of my head.
Stones from the moon are falling
on Earth.
lt's much more important
than any cucumber.
That was the Iatest news
from the Flower town.
Well. Know-Nothing.
you found a cucumber. didn't you?
It's no cucumber...
You may eat them yourselves.
And what is it?
It's so cucumber-like...
You are cucumber-like yourself.
-You are so rude.
- It's OK.
- lt's nothing.
- And why hide it then?
Because you'll start saying:
we found it...
we found it altogether.
And Know-Nothing has nothing to do with it.
- l know your kind.
- I don't think so.
We shall tell everyone
that you found it.
But. please, let us have a look.
- Show it, please.
- OK.
Here it is.
- A stone.
- It fell from the moon.
It must be you who fell from the moon.
- You are so funny.
- Well. you are nothing more than
whiners and chatterboxes.
Bows, scarves, skirts and socks.
You want it this way. don't you?
Don't cry, Camomile.
We promised totell everyone
about Know-Nothing's find.
And so we shall do it.
Come on, Little Fly.
What a featherhead I am.
But then no featherhead
can find a moonstone.
Look. Know-It-All. this is...
- Good evening.
- All right.
- What do you want?
- Well, here it is.
A moonstone.
Leave it on the table.
lt's a moonstone.
It fell from the moon.
Leave it here and go to bed.
- What are you waiting for?
- I don't know.
This stone fell from the moon.
And it hit me in the head - bang!
And so I jumped on it
so it won't fly away back to the moon.
And then it...
I see. You'd better visit Dr. Pills.
- He'll examine your head and prescribe...
- No way.
I'd better go to bed.
- Here he is.
- Know-Nothing is here!
Look, the moon fell on him.
and he's still safe and sound.
Know-Nothing. show us your stone.
He can't. He secretly
put it back.
On the moon.
Perhaps on the moon. I dare say.
It's OK. You'll see.
I know your kind.
The opening of
The opening of
The opening of
- Porridge, perhaps.
- It sure is.
It's porridge again.
You are always unhappy. Grumbler.
But you can't
break your diet.
Where is Know-It-All?
He's always late.
I shall never
do any research anymore.
I'm flying like a dandelion.
- We'll falI down perhaps.
- It doesn't matter.
Why did everything turn upside down?
Stop it immediately.
I think...
We have lost our weight.
Look. Little Screw. if we lost it
we must find it.
And that's it.
You'd better say nothing
if you can't say anything smart, little fool.
Don't call me a fool, Little Groove!
Or I'll punch you!
Little Brothers!
And what if we live this way?
On the ground and in the air...
Well. I don't mind.
And I do.
You can't break
the diet.
I don't like it either.
My skirt got crumpled.
We are against it.
- On the ground, perhaps.
- In the air I dare say.
- And where is Perhaps?
- And where is I-Dare-Say?
I got a bump.
Even two bumps:
on my head
and on the head of Silent's.
Well, then,
I mind ittoo.
They produce weightlessness!

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