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ZdendaJune 1946,
a dispatch to Soviet embassies...
...in France, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia...
lfthey so wish,
any Russian in exile since 1917...
...will be eligible
fora Sovietpassport...
...and will qualify forrepatriation
to the U.S.S.R.
Thousands decided to return home...
...the last travellers of dark years
in Europe...
...that had displaced
30 million people
You will soon arrive back
in the motherland
You left her 30 years ago,
but she never left you
...she needs you, all of you
The country needs rebuilding
We paid a greater price
than any nation...
...but the war against fascism
united us...
...until victory
The Soviet government
opens its doors to you...
...and welcomes you...
...regardless of past events
Too serious, Yevgeny!
Let's drink and sing
Get out your passports
The lowest number raises a toast
Can I join in?
-The French police deported me.
-Be my guest
Guess who was given
Soviet passport number 1
The head of the Orthodox church
in Paris
What number?
I have passport 2002
And my son Leonid...
...has number 2003
Be patient with him,
he speaks awful Russian
With an accent, too
Well, doctor? What number?
It's up to you, then
I would like to thank my wife
...l asked you to follow me. You did
You left your family...
...friends and home,
without hesitation
For that...
...and for so much more,
...and I admire you
To you
Is what he said true?
You must be a brave woman
Welcome to Odessa
Welcome to our Soviet homeland...
...to the victorious nation...
...where, guided by Comrade Stalin,
wise among the wise...
...all peoples live as one family...
...united and happy
My God...
At last, in Russia
...my land
Passengers will divide
into two groups...
...as follows:
Kozlov, S. Vassilievitch
Kozlov, S. Vassilievitch. Here
Kozlov, L. Sergeyevitch
Kozlov, L. Sergeyevitch. There
But he's my son
He should be with me
Don't worry
It's a mistake
We'll soon sort it out
I told you the truth
I came with my husband. I'm a French
citizen with a French passport
You're mad!
You work for the secret service...
...of your country
You're talking nonsense
I want to see the Consul
And the Queen of England perhaps
We've been watching you, Golovin
You are a good doctor
-We have work for you.
-Where is my wife?
Forget your wife. She's not wanted
We'll find you a Russian wife
I offer him a woman. He says no
Your wife is a spy
Is that a joke?
Not at all
90% of emigrants returning to Russia
are imperialist spies
We'll leave you your son
Where is my wife?
Don't destroy your destiny.
We trust you
Do you really want your wife?
We need a little talk, then
Where is Serioja?
They're fetching him
-You're leaving now.
-Where to?
Your new tenants
Tell them I'm the supervisor...
...and that we have strict rules
I speak Russian
Who are they?
French, apparently
Hello. Petrov
My wife, Marie, and son, Sergei
Have you come to visit?
No, to live
Does your wife speak Russian?
She's going to learn
If you need any...
Sacha, fetch some bread
This is your key
I'll be very clear
to avoid any problems...
...especially for her.
You translate
Let's go
Five families live here
The rules must be observed
This table belonged
to the previous tenants
Now, it's ours
The bathroom
Our day is Thursday
That's our laundry day
Never leave the light on
in the toilet
Do you like it here?
What does a traveller need?
Strength and courage
That's right, darling
I'll be right back
You couldn't know
Nobody could
We'll give back the room and go home
They can't force us to stay
I can't live here
Nor can Serioja, nor you
Somehow, we'll get back to France
Every prison has a way out
Forgive me
I worked on the machines...
...for six years
I know how they make

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