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Доказательство смерти

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Hold on, I gotta come up!
I've gotta take
the world's biggest fucking piss.
We can't be late!
We won't!
Who's... who's holding?
If you 're not, then nobody.
We were kind of hoping you were.
- Yeah. How are you not holding?
- Jesus Christ, Shanna.
It is not my fucking job to supply y'all
with weed when we go out.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, little lady.
You 're gettin' angry kind of quick,
don't you think?
I was just teasin' you!
I'm not angry.
It just would be nice
if y'all didn't just count on me
all the fucking time
and surprise me
every once in a while with pot.
Okay, mean girl
in a high school movie.
Are you through
having a tantrum?
I'm not having a tantrum.
Yes, you are. You 've been
in the car all of two seconds,
and you 're already cursing at me.
I am not cursing at you.
You said "Jesus Christ, Shanna,"
and then before
the sentence was over
you threw a "fucking" in there
to emphasize your irritatedness.
Come on, don't fight.
I'll pay for it when we get some.
One, it is not about the money.
It is about the pain in the ass of scoring.
And two, we're not really fighting.
Arlene, you 've forgotten what
hanging out with Jungle Julia is like.
That wasn't a fight.
That was Julia
acting like a grumpy bitch
and me calling her on it
and indulging her at the same time.
That's how we tolerate each other
after all these years.
Oh! Billboard!
So, what's the plan, man?
Margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's.
Did you call Rafael
and tell him we're coming?
- Of course.
- You 're so good.
I know.
Okay, is Christian Simonson
gonna be there?
You bet your ass he is...
with Jesse Letterman.
Christian Simonson,
the filmmaker, is in town.
He's got a big thing for Julia.
If he had a big thing for me,
he'd fucking call me,
as opposed to disappearing
for six months,
and he'd get his ass down here
more often than he does.
And on my birthday
he'd give me a fucking phone call.
Oh, billboard!
Yeah, but you get
those legs of yours around him,
and it's all over.
Yeah, well, when I'm redecorating
his house in the hills that I am also living in,
I'll let you know it worked.
So, margaritas
and Mexican food at Guero's,
touch base with Chris and Jesse,
tell them about later,
and make damn sure they come.
Those other guys'll be waiting for us
at the Texas Chili Parlor.
Oh, shit. Speaking of which...
what happened
with you and Nate last night?
Well, you know, not much.
We just fucking met each other.
If you don't bust their balls a little bit,
they're never gonna respect you.
Okay, we're pretty clear
on what it is you didn 't do.
How about enlightening us
on what it is you did do?
Oh, nothing to write home about.
We just made out on the couch
for about 20 minutes.
Dressed, half-dressed, or naked?
Dressed. I said we made out.
We didn't do "the thing."
Oh, excuse me for living,
but what is "the thing"?
You know, it's everything but.
They call that "the thing"?
I call it "the thing."
Do guys like "the thing"?
They like it better than "no thing."
Okay, I wanna get back
to what it is you did do.
So you 're making out
on the couch with Nate, right?
Whose couch?
His or the one in your hotel room?
What am I, stupid over here? Mine.
Were you making out
sitting up or lying down?
We started sitting up,
we worked our way to lying down.
Hmm. The plot thickens.
Who was on top?
I was straddling him.
What else?
That was it. So we made out
for a little while on the couch...
and I said, "Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now,
so it's time for you to leave."
And then he starts to whine,
"Oh, right now?"
And I said,
"Yup, right now. Let's go."
And he says, "Wait, what about this?"
And I said no.
He said, "What do you mean?
You don't know what I'm gonna say."
I said, "I already know what you 're
gonna say, and the answer's no."
He said, "Well, how can you say
you know what I'm gonna say?"
And I said, "Because you
Доказательство смерти

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