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This is a werewolf.
And thats the centaur.
Ryo, do yo like monsters ?
- Sure. And I`m one too.
You ?
he`s always been a little strange.
You should become one of us as well.
But i always liked spending time with him.
On this particular day...
we had sports practise, like always
and once again I was the last to finish
Already on your last leg, Akira?
Leave me alone and run, Ryo.
In school
he was always the best. EVer.
I admired his supremacy
in every department
Whats up ? Whats that evil grin youre sporting?
Why is it youre always
in such a bad mood ?
Okay then, i see you tomorrow in school.
- Yeah, see you tomorrow.
We had this routine
of saying bye bye
You look alike
but him I dont like.
Thank goodness
youre not related
He`s incapable of laughing.
Why do you hang around
his sorry ass in the first place ?
Mikis Family took me in.
My parents had died in a car accident
Four years ago
I had no other relatives,
so the Makimura family accepted me in their midst.
This way I got a new family.
A cake ? Why are you baking a cake
at this early time already?
How can ouy forget, Akira?
Its your birthday today.
And it should have been
A surprise party
He never listens about these things.
Its always been like that.
- So Sorry.
Dont bother with my birthday
its not so important after all
What are you talking?
youve been with us for 4 years now...
you are part of the family. So...
dont ever say that again, okay? - Alright.
Thats it!
Lets get to breakfast.
- Enjoy your meals.
Tell Ryo Asuka, Ill kill his ass,
if he will ever again look at me,
as if i were a piece of shit.
You will leave Ryo alone,
i wont tolerate any attempts to harm him!
That was it? - without Ryo around
hes just like a girl.
In middle school
some guy gave Akira a good beating.
Wanna know what Ryo did?
- What`d he do?
Im tellin ya...
He entered the classroom
with a pair of secateurs,
and without saying any word,
he had cut off his fingers.
The teacher was frozen with fear
and did nothing.
Stop it, Ryo!
Then one guy attacked
who has always been mocked being a wuzz
Call an ambulance!
We owe it to him,
that we could save the fingers.
Akira Fudo told you,
to leave Ryo alone.
Not because of fear
for Ryo Asuka
but because of fear for your safety!
Ryo would even kill
to achieve his goals.
Akira is aware of that.
I am too weak.
I wanna become stronger.
Youre a pain in the ass.
You popping up here, it annoys us
Dont ever show up here again!
Whats going on ?
Nevermind me, or they`ll start
attacking you as well.
Keep out of this! - It is cause...
you never hit back
You have to fight, Mihko.
Ryo, you were absent without excuse
for a whole week. Where have you been?
Oh well... sit down, will you
So, where were we ?
- Ryo!
Who was that, Akira?
You promised it, do you remember ?
Do you remember?
Thats not important anymore.
my Dad is dead.
Whats that mean, your Dad is dead?
- Check it out on the way, here.
As a matter of fact our team succeeded,
to get down to a subterrestrial lake
all the way, at the south pole.
In a most primeval rock formation
we found something
an energy source, so powerful
you could fuse nitrogen on molecular basis
Nitrogen creates an amount of energy
8 million times of what oil can produce.
But unfortunately we were wrong.
it was no form of energy.
there was an intelligent life force
behind all this
feeding off other organisms
We imidiately closed down the lab
Those were very dangerous demons.
We tried all we could, as hard as we could
but didnt stand a chance
It was too late.
many thousand of our workers
were attacked by the demons
And their bodies possessed by demons.
A demon possessed my body as well.
What is that? What is it?
What do you think?
Hes possessed by a demon ?
What does it mean ?
Same thing happened to me.
help me!
Im not human anymore.

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