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(* "Limehouse Blues" by Jackie Gleason)
- (man) Hey. Where are you now?
- Nowhere.
It's late. I have to go.
Oh, oh, oh.
- John and Susan confirmed for dinner.
- Yes.
Don't sit her by Ray Poole's wife. She'll
ask if he's moving to Kidder Peabody.
- I'll put her next to the Gimbels.
- Mrs Tait! We're ready for school.
We're all bundled up. Come on. Let's go.
There's Mommy.
Give her a big wave and a big hug.
- Do you have their library books?
- Yes. And their milk money. Come on.
- Wanna invite Lily to play?
- I'll be picking you up.
No, Monica?
I'd like to pick them up today.
- All right.
- OK.
- Seen my tennis racket?
- Bye! No.
- Let's go to the country this weekend.
- Oh.
Roger and I wanna play doubles
with his lawyer and a friend.
But it's the last weekend
for the antique show.
Come on. There'll be others.
I put in a clay court and I've yet to use it.
- They have no more free-range chickens.
- Then, no, Hilda.
There are too many chemicals
in the others. Bye-bye.
Order some papayas, Hilda.
They're high in fibre.
You want me to order
more skin lotion and shampoo?
No. Dr Kellar's putting me on new ones.
You can order my moisturiser.
- (doorbell)
- There's my trainer.
Hilda, would you call my masseuse
and see if I can come an hour earlier?
- My back is just killing me.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ethel. Hi, Bill.
- We met in the eIevator.
I was out shopping for another client
and I found this.
- I was thinking of the Connecticut place.
- Yeah?
- It's a fin-de-sicle eel trap.
- An eel trap?
Maybe for a lamp base
or a dried flower arrangement?
- Interesting, yeah.
- Live with it for a while.
- They're hard to come by.
- Are they?
It's a steal at 9,000.
I'll just be in the children's room.
- Ready to get off some cellulite?
- My back is killing me. I don't know why.
I've had it X-rayed, I've been to my
chiropractor, I've had a shiatsu massage...
- Acupuncture?
- No, I'm scared of needles.
- There's a Dr Yang. He's good.
- I wonder, if I had a Swede walk on it...
(* "Breezin'Along With The Breeze"
by Jackie Gleason)
- Oh. Did you hear about Nancy Brill?
- No. What?
She got promoted. Now she's in charge of
buying scripts for a big cable TV station.
- Really?
- She can get a project done if she likes it.
- Who would have thought?
- Everybody's running to her with scripts.
My! It's great when
a good friend makes it.
I hear she's having an affair
with Beth Winninger's husband.
- Nina?
- What?
Could you excuse us
for a couple of minutes?
- Sure.
- Just for a minute. Thank you.
- Nina, I have to talk to someone.
- About what?
- You must never tell. Promise.
- I promise.
I feel so ashamed. You know
I'm not the type to have an affair.
You know, 16 years
I've been married to Doug.
- It's not in me.
- I know. You're a good Catholic.
Now who are you sleeping with?
The other day Monica was sick,
so I brought the kids to school.
( * "I Dream Too Much"
by Paul Weston & His Orchestra)
Excuse me. Miss?
- What?
- I think you dropped your...
- Oh, my book.
- Edna St Vincent Millay.
- Thank you. I'm sorry. Thank you.
- Romantic stuff.
Come on.
- (Alice) I can't get him out of my mind.
- (Nina) And that's it? That's all?
- Yes.
- You said an affair.
- You know I could never...
- What's his name? Is he single?
I don't even... I don't know.
Isn't this foolish?
It isn't even that he's so handsome.
It's more... more the way
he looked at me, you know?
- Was he there when you went back?
- I couldn't bring myself to go back.
I had Hilda pick up the children.
But I'm gonna go today. I'm gonna go.
I don't know why.
You know, I'd never dare do anything.
- Start a conversation.
- Speak to him? Come on. You're joking.
I can't bring myself to look at him,
let alone speak to him.
I mean, I tried to speak to him the
other day, and I just... Nothing came out.
Are you and Doug OK?
Yeah. I always assumed
everything was fine.
I'm just so

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