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Hey, that's my car!
You can't steal my car. I'm a cop.
Oh, my God!
OK! OK, you've got me.
Enjoying yourself, pervert?
Jesus, would you take it easy,
Dick Tracy?
- Can I just ask you one question?
- Yeah. What?
How come all cops
have two-inch peckers?
What time is it?
Yeah. I'll meet you there.
OK, OK. I'll meet you there.
I like that wrinkled look. It's very sexy.
Next time go the whole way.
Ask for less starch.
I had a hard night.
Don't talk to me about hard till you spend
a night with Charlene. Total nympho.
She couldn't keep her hands off me.
I was so sore, I thought it would fall off.
Jesus, Art,
I don't wanna hear about your sex life.
- My head's killing me.
- Too much firewater last night?
- You've been hitting it a little strong.
- I've got everything under control, OK?
- What have we got here?
- Her name's Teri Kaplan.
Teri Kaplan. Teri Kaplan?
- One of Anthony Vincenzo's girls?
- That's her.
Hey, Sergeant.
Think I've found something.
Give me a stick or a pen or something.
Anthony Alberto Vincenzo.
- Hey, Frank. How's the cocaine business?
- I wouldn't know.
That's right. You're not a drug dealer,
you're an importer.
And your brother's not
a scum-sucking pimp. He's a talent agent.
This is my mother.
Don't talk that way in front of my mother.
- Who the hell do you think you are?
- I'll tell you.
I'm the man who's gonna
arrest your brother for murder.
Haven't seen him.
When you do, tell him
the smart thing to do is turn himself in.
This time we got him by the balls.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean balls. I mean chandeliers.
We have him by the chandeliers.
You're interrupting our meal. Beat it.
Murphy. Let me ask you.
You ever hear of Murphy's Law?
If anything can possibly go wrong, it will.
A lot of things could happen to you.
You could get run over by a truck.
Your gas heater could blow up
or you could lose a wheel on the freeway.
You gotta remember that.
The only law I know
is Jack Murphy's Law.
That's very simple.
Don't fuck with Jack Murphy.
You remember that.
Continental Coach Lines
number 28 arriving ramp 16.
Ventura, Santa Paula, and Oxnard.
ltima llamada. Continental Coach Lines
servicio directo para San Francisco
sale de la salida nmero siete.
Atencin, por favor.
El Sunliner Express
destinacin San Diego
sale en 30 minutos
de la salida nmero cinco.
Attention, please.
The Sunliner Express to San Diego
departs in 30 minutes from ramp five.
Mr Cameron?
- Where are the addresses?
- Right here.
Had a little trouble with one of them.
Ben Wilcove.
Seems he retired a few years ago,
moved up into the mountains a-ways.
Wasn't easy to find.
- But you found him?
- Oh, yeah.
But like I say,
it took a bit longer than I figured.
Uh, I'm gonna have to charge you
a little more than we originally agreed on.
How much more?
With expenses and everything,
let's say another two grand.
Go to hell.
Miss Freeman.
Miss Freeman.
Hey, do you want these addresses or not?
You can go to somebody else
if you wanna.
But if these people were to find out
you was looking for them,
I wonder how they'd feel about that.
You really are a slime, aren't ya?
No, ma'am. Just a private investigator.
Of course, some people would say
that's the same thing.
All right. $2,000.
That'll be cash on delivery,
if you don't mind.
- How about traveller's cheques?
- That'd be all right.
Well, since you put it that way,
I guess we can forget about the extra
expenses and all and just call it even.
- Nice doing business with you, ma'am.
- Move a hair and I'll blow your head off.
Now, wait a minute.
You can have my wallet.
- There's almost $100 in it.
- I don't want your money.
All I want is for you to say "Ah".
- What do you mean?
- You know. Like in a doctor's office.
- Do it.
- Ah.
You can do better than that.

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