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Токийский хор

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Directed by Yasujiro OZU
OriginaI work:
Script by Kogo NODA
Directed by Yasujiro OZU
Image and Editing:
Costumes: Kurenai SAITO
Assistant camera: Yuharu ATSUTA
OKAJIMA, the father:
Tokihiko OKADA
His wife: Emiko YAGUMO
Their son: Hideo SUGAWARA
Their daughter: Hideko TAKAMINE
Professor OMURA: Tatsuo SAITO
His wife: Choko IIDA
The oId empIoyee:
The president: Reiko TANI
When wiII you stop being Iate?
No vests and faII in.
Stop fooIing around.
I put you in the corner for that.
It's ancient history.
He's now an empIoyee of
an insurance company.
Daddy, buy me a bicycIe!
AII the chiIdren in the
neighborhood have one.
I want one too!
Ask mom if she agrees.
It's the bonus day,
she says you can buy
me this present.
Buy me something too.
We just offered you
this paper baIIoon.
You're going too far!
You won't get anything if
you keep quarreIIing.
Business isn't so good,
we'II be happy if we get
a month bonus.
A month bonus is stiII 1 20 yen.
It's not bad.
The resident wiII deIiver the
bonus at noon.
How does it Iook this year?
Hoover's poIicy
won't affect us for a whiIe.
There's aIready someone.
Today is the day when
I must say good bye.
But you shouId be promoted
deserving empIoyee next year!
In fact, when I was an
insurance agent Iike you,
I approached some cIients
and heaven punished me.
The other day, I insured a cIient
for 20000 yen.
He died a day after,
run over by a car.
But you're not the one
who kiIIed him.
You're not responsibIe.
But before, I had insured
another for 1 0000 yen,
he died of typhus within a few months.
It's not a reason to fire you.
It's an improper Iay-off.
I've been working here for so Iong
that I can't sue the company.
But you shouId at Ieast negociate.
They got 1 0 to 20% more
than expected.
They shouId be happy.
I'm categoricaI.
We must negociate at once.
It's not onIy for Yamada.
It's for aII the empIoyees.
The time has come to fight.
Since you're so fervent,
why don't you taIk to the president?
But in fact...
the company Iost some money.
It's not compIeteIy wrong.
Are you kidding me?
If it makes you Iaugh then
go negociate with the president.
PeopIe aren't fired without negociation.
Even if the subscriber
dies the next day,
the totaI of the insurance poIicy
must be paid...
Why was Mr. Yamada fired?
NaturaI seIection by age.
Aren't the sudden deaths
of the subscribers he approached
the reason of his Iay-off?
Since when does an empIoyee
get invoIved in management?
You're an empIoyee Iike us,
aren't you? Shut up.
Louts Iike you deserve to be fired.
Get off my sight.
I'm fired too,
starting today.
I must go buy a bicyIe for my son.
Let's have a drink together.
My father wiII buy me
a nicer one today.
It's better than a bike.
BuIIshit! It's useIess!
I won't buy anything
if you whine Iike that.
Where's mom?
She went out to do some shopping.
You're a Iiar!
Do you think I'm scared?
Do as you want.
I'II Iock you up in the shed.
He's been awkward.
I punished him.
Daddy didn't buy me my bike.
Daddy was wrong.
But since you're nice, you must keep quiet.
Why am I wrong?
It's not nice to Iie to chiIdren.
He wanted this bike so much.
It's hard for him.
Daddy is a Iiar.
Lay-off Ietter
I quarreIIed with the boss.
Even if I was right
he's stiII the boss.
So be nice and content yourseIf with that.
Let' buy him his bike.
It's hard for him.
Tokyo, capitaI of unempIoyment
SociaI insurance week
Tokyo City
I wouId have never imagined
that I'd do such a thing.
Yes, but you're Iucky to have a job.
I wouId Iike to cry
Iike an abandoned chiId.
I don't know how to ask for your forgiveness
if you think it's my fauIt.
How do I envy chiIdren
who can cry without restraint!
It seems that a bear
escaped from a zoo.
This bear story
is none of our business.
Токийский хор

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