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Red: blood, carrots, love, poppy, star, Soviet, lipstick.
Three: poplars, whales, friends, tank men.
Where: in Karaganda, anywhere, in the cabbage.
It's been the same dream
that I see several nights.
I see everyone - Andrey, and you, Ilya.
It is some kind of a code.
We can neither put an end to it
nor go on.
I am tired of Pyotr. He is constantly
whining and quoting this Faust of his.
I miss you a little. Did the time really
wash away the shit you were always full of?
Will you switch off your computer?
You will probably say that
we d better give up.
To whom?
We can not handle our life.
Will it do away with us?
We would be glad to see you.
Though I ve got a premonition.
You might never find us here.
Just in case, good-bye.
A Yury Grymov fllm
Slow down!
I am a collector
in the broadest sense of this word.
I taste everything I see.
I collect everything I think about.
It would be wrong to say that
I merely collect things.
My collection is a feast.
It doesn't matter if I am delighted
at the shape of an entry, its history or value.
I take interest in every little thing
which dominates over a man.
But I am afraid that my passion
might fade away.
And then my collection would inevitably
turn into a heap of trash.
Dead men stay alive
until they are remembered.
Of course, a collection
needs to be assorted.
- Shall I pigeonhole it?
- As a matter of fact, yes.
But don't touch a thing.
You have to live with the collection.
You see, Vera, I need life
around it.
Your life. It would nourish
my passion for the collection.
This is my offer.
I need a scrupulous person who would
put thousands of entries in order
together with me
and maybe with my friends.
- And what is your price?
- It's not mine, but yours. It's your life.
I am afraid I shall find it difficult
to invent names of your entries.
I spent my life working with books.
But it does not mean that I know that much.
It's OK. It's very difficult to find a name
for a thing or an event. It's philosophy.
It was a grave error
to call ham foodstuff.
- What should we call it then?
- A product of violence.
I would love to hear as many unexpected
things about my collection as possible.
Follow me, Vera. I'll show you around.
This is a bird room.
No one can educate birds.
And so they are not spoilt.
And how many collectionshave you got?
The number is variable.
Some of them cease to exist.
Like dead hair falling off your head.
My house is like a living being.
I never know what to expectfrom it.
- Aren't you afraid to be alone?
- I never stay alone.
Even when there are no guests here
my entries are my best friends.
Some of them are easy to deal with, others are capricious.
The collection does not accept those
and I have to do away with them.
This is my workshop.
You can do anything you want here.
- For example?
- To correct God, the Creator.
- Is it possible?
- Turn on the light, please.
- Why have you got training machines here?
- They are also tools.
For some reason people prefer
polishing their body and not their soul.
Do you know a way to drill a diamond?
You need copper.
Copper is one of the softest metals
but it can drill a diamond.
Are they all originals?
The value of my collection
is not in the quantity of originals
but in the fact that no one can
tell you the number of fakes.
God made a man
in his own similitude.
But who would call
this imitation fake?
Though I would advise you
against any deliberations on the subject.
Let's go.
- Ilya got scared.
- At what?
At the weightlessness? Great space
separates a new life
from an old one. It is like weightlessness.
And he got scared. Like usual.
When he dies, he will pee himselffrightened at the death.
Or at the life.
Unfortunately I can not show you
the part of the collection
containing regular weapons.
Have you got a bomb?
- Do you know the meaning of your life?
- No.
You get confused and then suddenly

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