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Шестнадцать свечей

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[Radio Announcer]
It looks good.
On the northwest toll,
eastbound traffic is moving
nicely this morning...
from Beecham Road
down to River Road.
Westbound, there's now a 20-car
backup at the Devon Avenue toll.
And on the northbound l-290
extension at Thorndale Avenue,
we had a spinout there.
And that car was blocking
the right-hand lane...
and also blocking the lane
that's coming off of the, uh,
eastbound Thorndale Avenue
entrance ramp...
leading to the northbound,
uh, l-290 extension.
- This was causing a backup
to Irving Park. We have...
- [Paper Bangs Door]
[Alarm Blaring]
Come on, chop-chop.
We got relatives
invading this afternoon.
Ginny, Mike, Sara, Sam!
Come on. Everybody up!
Oh, I think
I have a fever.
You don't have
a fever.
Shut your face.
Make me.
[Phone Ringing]
Mike hit me!
[Mike] You liar.
Mike, come on, pal.
We got a wedding tomorrow.
Try to cooperate,
will ya?
Dad, I didn't hit her.
I'd like to very much,
and I probably will later,
but gimme a break.
You know my method.
I don't hit her when
you're just down the hall.
Pick on someone
your own size.
Open this door.
Daddy, I'm the one
getting married.
Not until tomorrow. I've got
a mouthful of toothpaste.
I happen to have
a serious problem.
She got her period.
Should make for
an interesting honeymoon, huh?
- Where are you learning
that stuff?
- School.
Good. Gettin'
my money's worth.
[Radio Announcer]
They were fantastic. Just great.
What a great crowd.
And it was so much fun...
[Man] dlt's a good thing
you don't have busfare d
dlt would fall through the hole
in your pocket and you'd lose it d
dln the snow on the ground d
d You gotta walk into town
to find a job d
d You're trying to keep
your hands warm d
Chronologically, you're 16 today.
you're still 15.
Nope. I look exactly the same
as I have since summer.
Utterly forgettable.
No, I didn't expect
to wake up transformed.
I just thought that turning 16
would be so major...
that I'd wake up
with an improved mental state
that would show on my face.
All it shows is that I don't
have any sort of a tan left.
I better get downstairs.
My family's probably pissed off
I haven't let them wish me
happy birthday yet.
All right.
I'll see you at school.
You need four inches of bod
and a great birthday.
Where's my briefcase?
Where'd you leave it?
Don't be a smart-ass.
Okay, I'll be
a dumb-ass.
You already are.
Okay, where's Sam?
my briefcase?
Allow me, Brenda.
Hey, birth defect!
You missed breakfast again.
It wasn't my idea to give her
her own phone line.
[Sara, Mike Arguing]
Grab a doughnut.
It's small.
It's brown.
It's made of leather.
It has my initials on it.
And I believe... that's it.
[Car Horn Honking]
Don't forget the grandparents
are coming this afternoon.
Are we still having dinner
with the Rice Chex?
Rizczechs. 8:00 at the club.
You'd better learn their names.
As of tomorrow, they're family.
That's a lovely
When it comes
your turn to get married,
do me a favor. Elope.
Who'd marry her?
Mr. T.
I'm sorry, you'll have to
buy lunch today. I didn't
have time to fix your carrots.
She's only eating carrots
to increase the size
of her breasts.
Mister, you had better
shape up, or you will miss
your sister's wedding.
Now, don't give me
that pouty look of yours.
You can eat your carrots
when you get home.
Шестнадцать свечей

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