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Мой телохранитель

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Hang on a second.
Ah, the Compleat Angler.
Big day tomorrow.
Hey, Cliffie, how you doing?
- Gettin' ready for school tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Listen, good luck.
I told him, "Hector,
"TV is a narcotic.
"It drains away your manhood
if you watch it all the time."
It's a drug.
A drug.
There he is, a young fellow,
only 67 years old,
already his eyes are
turning into headlights.
It got to where...
I practically had
to drag him to bed.
Well, that's
what busted us up.
Oh, hey...
these are the Dumpys
from Cincinnati.
He makes those
cute "get well" cards.
She writes the verses.
You got any X-rated cards?
Not as yet, Mrs. Peache.
Say, that looks delicious.
Why don't you
squeeze a little shot
of lemon in there...
a little zing to it.
Live a little, huh?
Now, where...
Oh, yeah.
Everything is under control.
Hi, Dad.
She has no access
to the room keys.
I can't do that.
She's my mother.
It was nothing more than
a misunderstanding.
Griffith is not the manager
of this hotel.
I am. Trust me, okay?
405's done.
I'll finish 406 tomorrow.
Tomorrow? When?
After lunch.
That's too late.
You want miracles?
Hold on.
Marty, wait.
- She's not in the pump room.
- Oh, God.
I can't be everywhere.
I'm on my break.
- She's in the bar.
- Alone?
I'm outta here.
I got a union meeting.
I'll call you back, okay?
Where is he?
As usual, we're operating
like a well-oiled machine.
Have time for dinner?
Come on.
Yes, Griffith.
Mr. Peache,
things are going badly.
The fourth floor is a disaster.
Mrs. Dunphy...
alleges that her husband was
propositioned by an elderly lady.
And we know who that was.
Senator Byrum has had
his suite double-booked.
Okay, I'll take care of
Mrs. Dunphy and the senator,
and you take care
of the fourth floor.
You, young man,
still have to eat.
I'll try and join you.
Hello. Hello, miss.
Have you seen a...
You wouldn't be Mrs. Dunphy?
For crying out loud, you were
described so differently.
This is your father?
I'm sorry.
Did I scare you?
No. I saw you.
You did not, you little liar.
Nobody suspects a bat attack.
I saw it coming a mile off.
No, no.
Don't you strike a woman.
Men think women want that.
They're wrong.
Leave her before you strike her.
Put that pillow down.
That's it.
Stop it.
All right, I quit.
Oh, you dirty rotten kid.
You never take my advice.
Look what I got you.
A brand-new notebook,
a pack of paper,
and, uh... pens
and pencils and an eraser.
I always loved
opening day of school.
I loved going in
the stationery stores.
They smell so terrific.
Lumberyards, too.
And bookstores.
Yeah. Nothing smells
better than a new book.
How did you know
I was back there?
A little heavy
on the Jungle Gardenia.
Ooh, that smell lured
1,000 men into my clutches.
Your clutches...
is precisely the subject
of tonight's sermon.
We've talked
about it many times.
I like the
"Thou shalt nots."
I don't own this hotel.
I manage it.
Where would it
be without you?
With a new manager.
Griffith watches me
like a vulture.
That greasy wimp.
He says you tried to pick up
some guy from Cincinnati.
A married man, Mom.
We were talking.
We had a few drinks.
It was perfectly innocent.
His wife was there all the time.
Where do you
suggest we go
when they kick us out
of this hotel?
Well, the old actors home.
I'd be a resident.
You'd be a manager.
Cliff'd be a busboy.
I'll just retire.
You're going to school
and acting like a student.
I'll act like a hotel manager.
And, Mom?
Yes, Larry.
for God's sake,
to act your age.
- Are you going to act your age?
- I'll try.
I won't try. You try.
Give 'em hell, Champ.
Pick you up at 3:00.
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Bell Rings]
Excuse me.
Is 235 that way?
[Reply Inaudible]
[Students Chattering]
Good morning.
Would you please find a seat?
Hey, I'm sitting
Мой телохранитель

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