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Sir Edward Pellew himself to
see you, sir.
-Very well, you can leave us.
-Your Honour...
-I shall have to lock you in.
-Then do it!
That it should come to this...
...you of all people.
It's good of you to come
and see me, sir.
This is not a social call, man!
Good God, sir! In a few hours-
you'll be on trial for your life,
and unless there are extenuating
circumstances, you'll hang.
-Hang in front of the entire squadron
-I believe it was-
our duty to restore order and
discipline aboard ship, sir.
Order and discipline.
Black, bloody mutiny, sir.
That's what the charge is.
and against a captain who was a hero
of the Nile and-
the Battle of Cape St. Vincent.
One of Nelson's own...
Dear God!
It was for the good of
the Service, sir.
Hero or not, we were headed
for disaster.
The English Channel
Six months earlier.
We're carrying too much sail, Archie.
Mr. Buckland, we should take
another reef.
You're the officer of
the watch, Mr. Hornblower.
It's your decision.
If this keeps up we'll be aloft
before long, I'll warrant ya.
-That'll sort out the men from
the boys.
-Oh, God!
Don't worry, Kid. Stick with me,
you'll grow up as bitter-
-as the rest of us.
-Mr. Wellard,
my respects to Captain Sawyer.
Please inform him-
-we are about to shorten sail.
-Aye, aye, sir.
Matthews, hands aloft to double
reef that mail tops'l.
Told ya.  Come on, lads.
Come on, Randall.
Come on, you little runt,
get up there.
What brings you to interrupt
my fruit, Mr. Wellard?
-Captain Sawyer, sir
-Come on, boy.  We won't eat you.
I don't believe Dr. Clive and
I have enough room left-
-for a young midshipman.
-'Couldn't manage another thing.
Mr. Hornblower sends his respects,
sir, and-
to inform you he's shortening sail.
-Watch what you're doing, Styles.
-Just watch yourself,Randall.
Keep your little friend out
of my way.
Where do you think you're going?
Captain Sawyer, sir, I've
ordered another reef in-
-the main tops'l, sir.
-So I hear, Mr. Hornblower.
-Your decision alone?
-Indeed, sir.
Mr. Buckland, you're
the first lieutenant.
Do my standing orders require
the officer of the watch-
to inform me before
shortening sail, or not?
"Sir"?  What kind of answer is that?
Do they or do they not?
Yes, sir; they do, sir.
-Mr. Hornblower?
-With respect, sir;
your orders require us to inform
you when shortening sail, sir.
Don't come the sea lawyer
with me, sir.
Ahoy, there!  Gunner, Mr. Hobbs!
Have you ever had difficulty
interpreting my orders?
-Indeed I have not, sir.
-There you are, then.
A gunner has no trouble
understanding my orders,
what do you say to that,
Mr. Hornblower?
My apologies, sir; I must
have misunderstood.
The excellent men of your
own division, are they not?
Perhaps by teaching them a lesson,
you'll learn something of your own.
But sir, it was I who made
the mistake.
Get to it, you lubbers!
The last man off the yardarm
gets a flogging.
A dozen at the gratings for
the last man on deck.
Out 'my way, Laddie.
Come here, boy!
Pass the word for the doctor!
He's dead, sir.
-Well?!  Well?!
-He's dead!
Dr. Clive will be the judge of that.
Dead, sir.
What are you waiting for,
Mr. Hornblower?
Have the lubber thrown over the side.
Do you hear, Mr. Hornblower?
For God sake, Horatio.
The lad's dead, sir.
Nothin'll bring him back.
Is that right, Mr. Kennedy?
-Yes, Styles, that's right.
-We can read over him later, sir.
Mr. Hornblower, get that man
off my quarterdeck.
Aye, aye, sir.
Plymouth Sound.
Stow those barrels forward
on the gun deck.
Bush, second lieutenant.
-Look out, there!
-Look out.
Hornblower, third lieutenant.
An interesting welcoming ceremony,
Mr. Hornblower.
My apologies, Mr. Bush.
Are you quite all right?
Nothing damaged but my pride,
I think.
Hey there, you at the stay tackles!
Mind what you're doing!
-Mr. Hobbs, keep an eye on
your men, there.
-Aye, aye, sir.

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