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EndA production of Soyuzmultfilm studio
Moscow, 1949
Polkan and Shavka
based on the fable by
Sergey Mikhalkov
Sergey Mikhalkov
Aleksandr Ivanov
Art director
Yevgeniy Migunov
Moisey Vaynberg
Mikhail Druyan
Sound operator
Nikolay Prilutskiy
Assistant directors - I.Aksenchuk
V.Nechayeva, F.Goldstein
Animators - Dmitriy Belov,
Mikhail Botov, Valentin Lalayants
Lidiya Reztsova, Boris Stepantsev
Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin
Decorative artists
Dmitriy Anpilov, G. Nevzorova
Sound operator of the new version
Voice actors
Y. Balmusov, V. Konkin
Oh, let him be! We should go back.
Just look at that! We've lost his track!
If I had been alone today,
He never would have got away!
-His very name he would forget!
-Come on. We're missed back home, I bet.
There's nowhere to hide...
I sense my death... what do we do?
We fight!
I'll take the one who looks the stronger.
You take the other. Be brave a little longer.
-Teeth bared!
-Polkan-dear... I'm scared!
My dears! Please don't think of slaughter!
I'm of the same kin as you!
Believe you me, my words are true -
My ears, my tail - I am your long-lost daughter!
Is this not wolf's fur on my skin?
My dream's come true - I am among my kin!
Come follow me, it would be my delight
To lead you to the herd's new grazing site.
We're here.
Just beyond's your feed.
Oh! Don't stare like that!
Oh! What more do you need?!
You thought that grey wolves
you could befriend
To save your skin,
but still you met your end.
The End

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