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Северная сторона

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Don't get me wrong.
I'm not kidding myself.
Anchorage isn't New York City,
but it's not Cambodia, right?
Do you know how many Chinese
restaurants are in Anchorage? Five.
There's 14 movie theatres,
two practically kosher delis,
and if we're talking about freezing,
the temperature's only
five degrees lower than Indiana,
despite the differential in precipitation.
Ginger ale, and another
Scotch for the businessman.
So, anyway, it's not as if Alaska
was part of my game plan,
but I've always thought
that medicine was for me,
ever since I played doctor with
Katie Kaplan in the second grade.
I had the desire, the grades...
I just didn't have the bucks.
Do you know what it costs
to go to medical school?
A lot.
I know what you're thinking.
Scholarship, right?
Let's face it. Jewish doctors are
not exactly an endangered species.
Three dollars, please.
So, 75 scholarship applications later,
74 turndowns - only one comes through.
What do you mean?
The State agreed to finance my medical
education to the tune of $125,000.
In return, I agreed to be their
indentured slave for the next four years.
You ever been to Alaska?
Of course. What kind of
schmuck do you think I am?
Elaine, she's a third-year
law student at NYU...
We came out last summer.
We loved the place.
Well, not loved, but we both agreed
it is definitely doable.
What are you trying to say?
Are you trying to tell me something?
Good luck.
Joe! Sorry, it's been crazy.
Great to see you again.
How was your flight?
- Not bad.
- Good. Come on in.
I got it.
I'll need a day or two
to get settled in at the condo.
A phone, cable, that sort of thing,
before I check in at the hospital.
- I've got some exciting news for you, Joe.
- Joel. Really?
- Ever been to the French Riviera?
- In France?
My lady and I were doing Europe.
We did the Rivieras - French and Italian.
And then we jumped up to Scandinavia -
she's Danish, a model -
before jumping down
to Zermatt in Switzerland.
- Sounds great.
- Do you think?
Actually, it was incredibly disappointing.
Really? Why?
Because, Joel,
once you have experienced Alaska -
and I am talking about the real Alaska -
everything else pales in comparison.
Which brings me to my big surprise.
We don't need you.
- What are you talking about?
- You're expendable, Joel. Superfluous.
You're pulling my chain, right?
We overfunded and we have
more physicians than we need.
This is great news!
What you're saying is...
you don't need me.
That's right.
- This is great news!
- So we've decided to set you up in Cicely,
situated in an area that we Alaskans
refer to as the Alaskan Riviera.
Ideal weather, breathtaking scenery,
shopping, dining...
Aspen's got nothing on this place.
- Where is this Cicely?
- Bus ride from Anchorage.
We've arranged for your lodging and
office, and the city is extremely excited.
OK, um...
- What if I don't like it?
- You'll leave.
Let's just get this straight.
If I don't like it, I can leave?
Well... it does look pretty.
It's gorgeous.
- Dr Fleischman?
- Yeah?
Hi, I'm Ed.
- What about rap?
- What about it?
- Well, are you into it?
- No, not particularly.
Here we go. Richard Berry. R&B classic.
- You're a doctor, right?
- Yeah. Look, where are we?
Not like Dr Toni Grant. She's on the radio.
Helps with your personal problems.
"He's in sinus tach. Give me an x-ray,
stat: Cervical, spine, chest and abdomen."
"Call ortho for his leg. Call thoracic."
"Tell 'em we've got a pneumothorax,
possibly secondary to fragment."
Just St Elsewhere. I love that show.
I sail the ship all alone
I never think I'll make it home
And Louie Louie
Well, me gotta go
- Hey, where...
- See ya!
Where are you goin'?
Are you kiddin' me?
You gotta take me to Mr Minnifield!
You can return the tapes to me later.
Hey! Hey!
Oh, my God!
I smell the rose in her hair
And Louie Louie
We gotta go
Well, Louie Louie
We gotta
Северная сторона

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