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Мой научный проект

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(radio static)
(man) Radar Red,
this is Interceptor One.
It's going down.
I repeat: The bogey is going down.
Detail! Ten-hut!
Yes, sir,
You, you!
Present, hut!
Present, hut!
Sorry I used the security phone, sir,
but I couldn't risk a leak,
That's all right, Max,
My golf game's not what it used to be,
I don't know where to begin, sir,
This is gonna sound crazy
but I think that we have...
Now, Max, what could be worse
than invading Europe?
Afer you, sir,
- Brief me,
- It entered our air space last night
and made a mockery
of our intercept sqquadrons,
And according to the pursuit pilots,
it suffered a malfunction
and crashed in the desert,
I see, was there a crew
or any survivors?
Well, the eggheads found
the remains of two creatures
and pulled the engine out of the saucer,
As usual, they want time to study,
Has the press gotten wind of this yet?
We don't think so, sir,
But we can't keep this on ice indefinitely,
Get rid of it,
Right away, sir,
So, what I've attempted
to do here this year
is to instill in you a basic scientific
curiosity about the world that we live in,
Sherman... tell me
about your science project,
well, Mr, Roberts, I've done
a study on the accuracy and foundation
of the Gregorian calendar
in relation to the vernal eqquinox,
Ellie, Sawyer, tell me about yours,
well, Mr, Roberts, I'm doing the, um...
I want you to listen now,
Um, I'm doing the effects
of ultraviolet rays on plant fungus,
That's out of sight, Ellie,
would you call me Bob,
because only the pigs call me mister,
- (students chuckle)
- Uh...
(muttering) You're not getting away
with it, (in normal voice) Harlan!
Why don't you tell us
about your science project?
This is science class,
Your science project?
I'm working on it,
You're working on it,
Hey, Mike,
Ciao, babe,
How is it that two weeks before graduation,
a man of your mechanical capabilities
hasn't finished his science project?
I mean, how do you explain that?
I've been working double-shif
down at Charlie's garage,
and it cuts into my free time,
Yeah, well, you know I don't
make the rules around here, right?
But bottom line, golden rule:
No project, no diploma, babe,
Yeah, well, I thought maybe I could,
I don't know, rebuild a carburetor
or something, if that's OK,
Ah, come on, Harlan,
You do that in your sleep,
Do something special,
something original,
Come on, man,
And don't forget
your science final tomorrow,
Hey, man, I don't like
to hassle you, Mike, You know that?
Have a nice day,
- A nice day,
- Yeah,
Come on, I used to be your age once,
way back in the 60s, when all you needed
to finish school was a Frisbee,
A gas mask helped,
- See you later, Bob,
- Protest songs, white rabbits,
Ah, free love,
Cosmo says that today is the day,
So get rid of 'em,
Hey, Crystal, How you doin', huh?
Michael, I can't keep
this mink wheel anymore,
what? Why not, huh?
We must seek different destinies,
Our song is over,
Fine. Comprende?
No, no, no, no, wait a second,
Come on, talk English,
will you, Crystal? Huh?
Michael, you're more interested
in your stupid old GTO
than you are in me, anyway,
wait a second,
what are you talking about, huh?
I mean, whose name
is on my fender, huh? Yours, right?
Don't we go out all the time?
- Right, right, right,
- Don't we?
Michael, we go to car shows,
drag races and junkyards,
- So? So what?
- That's not what I want,
Oh, no... So, what do you want, Crystal?
Huh? Him?
Michael, I wanna be swept off my feet,
serenaded, worshiped like a goddess,
Oh, come on, Come on, Bullshit,
That is exactly
what my Cosmo Romantiscope
said you would say, Michael,
Ta-ta forever, monkey wrench,
Ellie, I know it's short notice and
everything, but I was wondering,
you know, maybe you wanna
go to the prom?
Look, Sherman, can we talk
about it later? OK?
Мой научный проект

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