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The assistant warden wants this one
out of the block early.
Wants to get it over with fast.
Okay. Let's do it.
Hey, wake up. It's time.
Wake up. Let's go. It's time.
This is it.
- What wing?
- Maximum wing, Block 9.
Standard release?
Parole, three out of five.
Good behaviour.
Give me a minute.
One Timex digital watch, broken.
One unused prophylactic.
One soiled.
Boots, black.
Belt, black.
One black suit jacket.
One pair black suit pants.
One hat.
One pair sunglasses.
Twenty-three dollars
and seven cents.
Sign here.
- What's this?
- What?
This car.
This stupid car.
Where's the Cadillac?
The Caddy.
Where's the Caddy?
The what?
The Cadillac we used to have.
The Bluesmobile.
I traded it.
- You traded the Bluesmobile for this?
- No, for a microphone.
A microphone?
Okay, I can see that.
- What the hell is this?
- This was a bargain.
I picked it up at the Mount Prospect
City Police Auction last spring.
It's an old Mount Prospect police car.
They were practically giving them away.
Well, thank you, pal.
The day I get out of prison...
my own brother picks me up
in a police car.
You don't like it?
No, I don't like it.
Car's got a lot of pick-up.
It's got a cop motor,
a 440-cubic-inch plant.
It's got cop tyres,
cop suspension, cop shocks.
A model made
before catalytic converters...
so it'll run good on regular gas.
What do you say?
Is it the new Bluesmobile, or what?
Fix the cigarette lighter.
What are we doing here?
You promised you'd visit
the Penguin the day you got out.
Yeah. So I lied to her.
You can't lie to a nun.
We gotta go in
and visit the Penguin.
No fucking way.
Who is it?
Jake and Elwood.
Come in.
Hello, boys.
Nice to see you.
Please, have a seat.
No, boys.
Come over here in front of me.
I want to see your faces.
The county took a tax assessment
of this property last month.
They want $5,000.
Won't the church pay?
They would if they were
interested in keeping the place.
But they aren't.
The archbishop wants to sell this
building to the Board of Education.
What will happen to you?
I'll be sent to the missions...
Africa, Latin America...
- Korea.
- Forget it!
Five grand? No problem. We'll have it
for you in the morning. Let's go.
I will not take
your filthy, stolen money!
Well, then.
I guess you're really up shit creek.
I beg your pardon.
What did you say?
I offered to help you.
You refused to take our money.
Then I said,
"I guess you're really up shit creek".
- Christ,Jake, take it easy, man.
- Elwood!
- Ow! Shit!
- Jesus Christ!
- Shit!
- Jesus!
- Shit! Goddam it!
- Son of a bitch!
You fat penguin!
Fuck this!
You are
such a disappointing pair.
I prayed so hard for you.
It saddens and hurts me...
that the two young men
whom I raised...
to believe
in the Ten Commandments...
have returned to me
as two thieves...
with filthy mouths
and bad attitudes.
Get out!
And don't come back...
until you've
redeemed yourselves.
Boys, you gotta learn
not to talk to nuns that way.
- You look fine!
- Good to see you!
Buy you boys a drink?
Boys, things are bad.
They gonna sell this place
to the Board of Education...
and I'll be out on the street.
That money's got to be in the Cook
County Assessor's Office within 11 days.
They wouldn't turn you out,
would they?
Shit. What's one more old nigger
to the Board of Education?
Curtis, you and the Penguin
are the only family we got.
You're the only one
that was ever good to us...
singing Elmore James tunes and
blowing the harp for us down here.
Well, the sister was right. You boys
could use a little churching up.
Slide on down
to the Triple Rock...
and catch Reverend Cleophus.
You boys listen
to what he's got to say.
I don't want to listen
to no jive-ass preacher...
talking to me
about heaven and hell.
You get wise.
You get to church!
All I'm saying is,
we got to figure out...
some way
to get that money honestly.

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