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[ YeIIing ]
[ YeIIs, Grunts ]
- [ Whinnies ]
- Hah ! Hah !
[ YeIIing ]
[ Horn BIowing ]
- You fight weII.
- Thank you, sir.
So, you want to be a soIdier
in my Dragon Legion.
I've passed
aII your tests.
No, no. Not aII.
This... is for chopping wood !
A barbarian tooI.
[ SoIdiers Laughing ]
is for waging war.
A nobIeman's bIade.
Hah !
[ Laughing ]
You !
Hah !
[ Grunting ]
You give away
your position. Hah !
- So do you !
- [ Laughing ]
SiIence !
- [ Pants ]
- [ YeIIing ]
[ ChuckIing ]
Perhaps you shouId
go back to your ax.
[ ChuckIes ] Ah, don't feeI bad.
Few men can hoId their own against me.
[ Laughing, Sighs ]
Who are you ?
KuII... of AtIantis.
AtIantis ?
You're wasting
your time here.
Every man in my Iegion
is of nobIe bIood.
My bIood's red
as any man's.
[ ChuckIing ]
Take heart, KuII. There's a pIace
in this worId for aII of us.
- GeneraI TaIigaro !
- Even a barbarian Iike yourseIf.
- GeneraI TaIigaro !
- [ Horse Neighs ]
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Laughing ]
GeneraI TaIigaro,
the paIace is in chaos.
The king is sIaughtering
his heirs.
[ KuII ]
NobIe bIood...
aII over the paIace fIoor.
[ Men YeIIing, Indistinct ]
[ Horse Neighing ]
Hyah !
Hyah ! Hyah !
Faster ! Faster !
Whoa !
What have you done, Borna ?
My eIders chaIIenged me
for the throne,
so I've spared aII my chiIdren
any future disappointment !
This is madness, sire.
TaIigaro, so you, too,
wiII have my crown.
You want it.
Take it ! Here !
Take it !
There'II be no more bIood
spiIIed tonight, except your own
if you insist on it.
Treason !
[ Laughing ]
I spare your Iife tonight.
[ Grunting, Groaning ]
The crown, KuII.
Give it to me.
It's my birthright.
Succession faIIs to me. Give it to me.
[ Man ]
HoId !
I am next in Iine, cousin !
-[ FIesh Searing ] Ahh !
-Lords, points of Iaw must be cIarified.
- The crown is mine !
- [ King Borna ] No !
It's mine.
And I give it to--
I give it to you, KuII.
Here ! Take it.
And keep it if you can.
[ Laughing, Choking ]
The sacred Iaw of succession--
undeniabIe and irreversibIe.
- Long Iive the king.
- Long Iive the king.
Long Iive the king.
[ SoIdiers ]
Long Iive the king !
Long Iive KuII.
[ Whispering ]
Sire, you, you no Ionger
need bow to anyone.
- My king.
- Sire.
Borna's harem,
Your Majesty.
[ Chattering ]
And now yours.
InduIge me, Tu.
Even a king shouId bow
to the Iadies.
You stiII read
the hands of fate.
You read them for me once.
''King by the hand of a king,'' remember ?
I'm surprised you remember, miIord.
You were very drunk.
SiIence !
You are insoIent.
[ ChuckIes ]
But honest.
Yes, I was drunk,
though I do remember.
Borna had a fit because I grabbed you
about the waist and tried to kiss you.
You did kiss me,
and it wasn't my waist you grabbed.
[ ChuckIes ]
What is your name ?
Bring your cards
to my chambers, Zareta.
Leave us.
- ShaII I undress, sire ?
- No. ShuffIe.
UnfoId my kingdom's destiny
in the cards.
First, the hand
of the spirit.
- The tiger.
- That's my totem.
- I was caIIed ''the Tiger''
when I was a pirate.
- A sign of majesty and power.
Next, the hand of being.
A quest.
My whoIe Iife has been a quest.
The hand of destiny.
The kiss.
The fate of your kingdom
wiII be found within a kiss.
A kiss ?
Is that so ?
ShaII I undress now ?
Are you in a hurry ?
I am whatever you wish.
My women don't pIay games.
I'm not your woman.
I'm your sIave.
[ Both Grunting ]
Tu was right.
You are insoIent.
- But honest.
- I do not take women
against their wiII.
As Iong as they come to you on command
and not by choice, how wiII you know ?
I'II do my best to satisfy you
in the bedchamber now,
but do not mistake compIiance
for enthusiasm.
The destiny of a sIave
is to submit.
Now, shaII I undress ?
I don't need to be taught
a sIave's destiny.
I Iearned that Iesson chained to the oar
of a pirate gaIIey.
For five Iong

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