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Европейские каникулы

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It's time for America's favorite game show:
Pig in a Poke!
Pig in a poke
It pays to be a glutton
Pig in a poke
Oink! Oink! Oink!
Pig in a poke
You could win all or nothing
"Pig in a poke
Oink! Oink! "
So, let's meet our current champions:
The Griswalds.
Here's the star of our show,
Kent Winkdale.
Clark, it's time for your big decision.
Will you keep what's in the poke,
or risk everything...
...and go for the big prize?
Johnny, remind the folks
what they've already won.
The super-charged Honda 750 motorcycle!
A dream kitchen with brand new
major appliances! And for Clark...
...the king of the family...
...a ten-year supply of Regal Car Polish...
...the car wax of royalty!
First, Clark, remind our audience
who you are and what you do.
I'm Clark W. Griswald.
I'm in food additives, not preservatives.
Not preservatives!
What about the family?
This is my wife, Ellen, my son,
Rusty, and daughter, Audrey.
Hello, Ellen.
Hi, Rusty.
You've won some fantastic prizes.
Do you want to keep them...
...or risk everything, and be a pig?
Be a pig!
Let's keep what we have.
I love the Signore Cappuccino.
Don't do it.
Nobody ever wins the grand prize.
We've decided.
Oink, oink. We'll be pigs.
So long, motorcycle.
You're very brave. I wish you luck.
Now, a fantastic surprise.
Back, by popular demand...
...the all-time winningest family
in the history of Pig in a Poke:
The Froegers.
The Froegers?
No one's ever beaten the Froegers.
Mr. Froeger, tell us about yourselves.
I won my Nobel Prize in 1967.
My wife won hers in 1970.
Our son, Moe, has just been elected
to the board of Microtech...
...a computer software corporation.
Our daughter, Ruth, is the youngest female
ever to be accepted at Harvard Law School.
Good luck to all of you.
Now, let's take a look at our categories.
American Explorers.
Chronology of the Pharaohs.
The Geography of the Brain...
...and History of
Early Hungarian Cabinet Making.
Not bad.
Froegers, since you're the challengers,
you get to pick the first category.
The Hungarian one.
Nobody knows anything about Hungarians.
I don't know. Kent, we'd like
The Geography of the Brain.
The question is:
What are the pyramidal tracts?
Five seconds.
The pyramidal tracts are
a housing development outside of Cairo.
Too bad.
You're the champions
if you answer correctly.
The pyramidal tracts...
...are a complex of multi-synaptic
lower motor neurons...
...which interconnect the basal ganglia
with the reticular formation.
You said, "Lower motor neurons."
The answer is: Upper motor neurons.
- Upper! Upper!
- Nobody wins.
- We're still in it.
- Froegers, select another category.
- Early Hungarian Cabinet Making.
- American Explorers.
American Explorers. Griswalds.
In 1804, an expedition explored an area...
...from the Louisiana territory
to the Pacific Coast.
For the grand prize,
what lieutenant led that expedition?
- I give up.
- Wait a minute, Dad.
Quiet down! I think I got this one.
Come on, Dad.
Time's up. Do you have an answer?
- Clark!
- That's it!
Clark, of Lewis and Clark.
The Griswalds are our grand prize winners!
No, that was a mistake!
She doesn't know that.
Come on out here!
The Griswalds have just won
a fabulous European vacation!
We'll fly the whole family
to London, England...
...to start a two-week vacation
extravaganza you'll never forget.
"On to Germany, where you'll enjoy
a fine meal at Dieter's...
"...and dance to the gay music
of Esther and the Black Forest Girls."
- This is going to be some vacation, kids.
- Yeah, Dad.
Rusty, give me a hand and set the table.
Why can't Audrey do it?
Because Audrey has company.
- Rusty, come on!
- Wait a minute.
Russ, obey your mother.
I can't stand the thought of being
away from you for whole two weeks.
It'll be like before we met.
Before we met, my life was horrible
and meaningless. Wasn't yours?
Sort of.
Let's light it up!
Европейские каникулы

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