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{5233}{5383}I am Locutus of Borg.|Resistance is futile.
{6338}{6417}Authorisation: Picard 47-AT.
{6423}{6524}- Did I catch you at a bad time?|- No, Admiral, of course not.
{6530}{6677}I've just heard that our colony on|Ivor Prime has been destroyed.
{6683}{6765}- Long-range sensors...|- Yes, I know. The Borg.
{6863}{6963}Captain's log: Stardate 50893.5.
{6969}{7075}The moment I have dreaded for|nearly six years has finally arrived.
{7081}{7222}The Borg, our lethal enemy, have|begun an invasion of the Federation.
{7228}{7314}This time|there may be no stopping them.
{7320}{7405}- How many ships?|- One, on a direct course for Earth.
{7412}{7532}They'll be in Federation space soon.|Admiral Hayes is mobilising a fleet.
{7538}{7632}- It will take us three hours...|- We're not going.
{7638}{7744}- What do you mean?|- We're to patrol the Neutral Zone.
{7750}{7873}In case the Romulans decide|to take advantage of the situation.
{7879}{8039}There has been no unusual activity|along the Romulan border.
{8045}{8149}Does Starfleet feel|we need more shakedown time?
{8155}{8294}We're ready! The Enterprise E is|the most advanced ship in the fleet.
{8300}{8413}I have gone over all this|with Starfleet. Their orders stand.
{8521}{8611}Number One,|set a course for the Neutral Zone.
{9416}{9509}- Bizet?|- Berlioz. What do you have?
{9515}{9611}We've finished|our first sweep of the Neutral Zone.
{9617}{9723}Fascinating.|20 particles of dust per cubic metre.
{9729}{9833}52 ultraviolet radiation spikes|and a class-two comet.
{9839}{9933}This is certainly|worthy of our attention.
{9939}{10030}Captain, why are we out here?
{10036}{10138}Starfleet has every confidence|in the Enterprise and her crew.
{10144}{10232}They're just not sure|about her captain.
{10238}{10337}A man once captured|and assimilated by the Borg,
{10343}{10452}should not be put in a situation|where he would face them again.
{10458}{10586}It would introduce an unstable element|to a critical situation.
{10591}{10711}Your experience makes you|the perfect man to lead this fight.
{10798}{10845}Bridge to Captain Picard.
{10851}{10954}We've received word from the fleet,|they've engaged the Borg.
{11033}{11151}Mr Data, put Starfleet frequency 1486|on audio.
{11194}{11287}Flagship Endeavour,|stand by to engage.
{11293}{11384}Defiant and Bozeman,|fall back to mobile position one.
{11390}{11541}We have it in visual range.|A Borg cube on course 0215...
{11547}{11660}We are the Borg. Lower your shields|and surrender your ships.
{11666}{11782}We will add your biological|distinctiveness to our own.
{11788}{11904}Your culture will adapt to serve us.|Resistance is futile.
{11933}{12004}All units, open fire.
{12010}{12096}They've broken through|the defence perimeter.
{12158}{12239}Continue to attack.
{12245}{12326}We need reinforcements.
{12332}{12454}96 dead and 22 wounded|on the Lexington.
{12487}{12627}Lt Hawk, set a course for Earth.|Maximum warp.
{12689}{12762}I am about to disobey our orders.
{12768}{12873}Any of you who wish to object|should do so now.
{12967}{13089}I believe I speak for everyone here|when I say...
{13133}{13211}to hell with our orders.
{13275}{13411}Red alert. All hands to battle stations.|Engage.
{14281}{14401}- Report!|- Power off-line, our weapons are gone.
{14480}{14606}Perhaps today is a good day to die.|Prepare for ramming speed.
{14612}{14696}Sir, there's another ship coming in.
{14702}{14796}It's the Enterprise.
{14987}{15094}- The Defiant is losing life support.|- Beam the survivors aboard.
{15100}{15175}They've destroyed the admiral's ship.
{15181}{15309}- What is the status of the Borg cube?|- The outer hull has been damaged.
{15314}{15400}I am reading fluctuations|in their power grid.
{15602}{15728}Number One,|open a channel to the fleet.
{15734}{15842}This is Capt Picard.|I'm taking command of the fleet.
{15848}{15952}Plot in the following coordinates.|Fire on my command.

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