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Американский ниндзя 2: Столкновение

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ENHOHCome on, guys.
You're gonna love this place.
Tom, where'd you find
this place?
Hottest joint in town. I'll buy you a drink.
- Don't pass me by. Hey.
Three whiskies and beer chasers.
- Cheers.
- Nice.
Semper fi.
Excuse me, sir, but could you spare
a few dollars for a cup of coffee?
We're marines, not tourists. Now bug off.
Marines earn a lot of money.
Give me a dollar.
- What is it, a shake-down?
- Let's get outta here. Excuse us.
Shit, man.
You did good, Tommy.
Here. You can have that drink.
There we go.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
What do you think?
I don't know.
This is it.
Hello? Are you there?
Inspector Singh here.
Looks like the American replacements
have just arrived.
I don't think I'm gonna like it here, buddy.
Yeah. Looks like someone
didn't tell someone we were coming.
You guys seen
a couple of marines by any chance?
- No.
- Shit.
We're supposed to pick up
two marines on this flight.
Armstrong and Jackson.
You're looking at 'em, pal.
Army? You guys
are supposed to be marines.
Well, throw your stuff in the back
and jump in.
Army. What a drag.
Anyway, I'm Charlie
and this is Tommy Taylor.
Curtis Jackson. This is Joe Armstrong.
Welcome to paradise. Let's go.
So, where'd you guys get this ride?
- Borrowed it from Wild Bill.
- Wild who?
- Our CO.
- Your CO.
Their commanding officer is Wild Bill.
That makes you feel safe, doesn't it ?
I know I'm not going to like it here.
Doesn't Wild Bill mind
that you're using his wheels?
He doesn't exactly know about it.
Doesn't exactly know about it.
Listen, fellas,
I'm not one to stick to tradition,
but isn't this a bit unorthodox?
Bud, you haven't seen the half of it yet.
Oh, yes, I have. Look at that.
Huh-ho, I'm tingling again.
The second those little darlings
hit the beach, everything comes off.
Topless, bottomless. It's great.
Don't you guys ever work?
- Work?
- Yeah, work.
We don't have time for work.
I think I'm gonna like it here.
- It ain't much, but it's home.
- Yeah.
Glad he feels comfortable around us.
Tommy's just had problems lately.
Come on. Wild Bill wants to see you.
- This way.
- Unbelievable, unbelievable.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hi, Toto. Guys, this is Toto.
Anything you want, Toto'll get it for you.
For a price, that is.
- For a price, huh?
- I'll do errands, clean your car.
Anything you want. Very cheap.
Hey, hey. Am I seeing things
or is this a couple of soldier boys
we got round here?
Rangers, my son. Rangers.
Rangers, huh?
What the hell
those bums doing round here?
Sergeant Curtis Jackson,
Sergeant Joe Armstrong, sir.
Front and center!
You two are rangers, huh?
Don't Washington know marines
guard embassies, not rangers?
As if my life wasn't
complicated enough already.
- Do you know why you're here?
- We were told you would brief us.
Yeah. There are 20 marines stationed
on the island as embassy guards.
We dress as little like marines as possible.
Left-wing elements
stir up trouble against us.
Four of my men have disappeared,
two on a fishing trip, two in town.
A marine said one minute he was talking
to them, the next they were gone.
Sounds crazy, but there's a kid
that hangs round the barracks
who said he saw two giants
dressed in strange black suits
taking the men away in a motor Launch.
We thought they'd been kidnapped,
but there's been no ransom demands
and no bodies.
It's a goddamn mystery.
So I made my report to Washington
asking for help and they sent you.
All I have to go on
is what the kid told me.
Who was it that last saw the marines, sir?
Name's Taylor. Kind of a strange guy.
Married a local girl a year ago.
- He's been going downhill since.
- We've got the picture.
I don't know who you are
or why you're here,
but I've been told to help you.
So you work in the embassy,
keep a low profile
and don't mess with my marines.
We'll do our best, sir.
Now get outta here.
Men in black suits.
Американский ниндзя 2: Столкновение

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