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Script - Ales ADAMOVICH
Producer - OIeg URUSHEV
Executive producer -
Director of photography-
Maxim TRAPO R.G.C.
Production designer-
Composer - AndjeI PETRAS
Director - Mikhail SEGAL
ByeIorussia, 1943
Hey, Ieft turn!
About time. We've been waiting
for you a whole week.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Good day.
What are you called?
You a fox?
You're a dog.
I've got something for you.
Sorry, nothing.
Look, Franz's got a new girlfriend.
You going to eat them together?
- Don't be so selfish.
- Leave us a bit.
Labour made Man.
Look, Franz.
You're not a child.
You're not at schooI.
You're with the SS.
You swore all eglance
to the Fuhrer,
and were given a new gun.
It's not a plaything,
You might shoot your comrades.
Say something.
Cat got your toungue?
Work or I won't record your
hours. General's comIng.
To the left... That's it.
Anybody seen my spade?
Hey, here's the grub
to feed the defenders.
- You got moonshine?
- Sure.
I dId it!
It opens and closes.
See that?
Nothing wrong with it.
It just needs olling.
I'll do it
- Good day.
- Hello.
People are coming back.
Kapustikha dId.
- Yes?
- Yes.
What does she want in the woods?
- Good day.
- Hello.
It's cold in the woods.
They're back
'cos they saw it's okay here.
- Back from the woods?
- Yes.
Everything's fine.
The hut's okay.
- How are the kids?
- Fine.
Watch your goat
or she'll get that German.
- Good day.
- Hello.
You want her, right?
Be a man.
Take it easy.
She's only a woman.
Do it, but don't give it a thought,
and don't take it to heart.
I figure you've never had a woman.
Well, I can take care of her...
What are you doing?
His officer doesn't like it.
What do you mean, mother?
He just gave me a hand
and you've made him my man.
They're talking shop, not me.
Why are you worrying?
What did you expect?
You'll have 10-15 minutes
to youreslf tomorrow.
Today, don't take
your eyes off her.
And she needn't know.
I only wish you well -
like a son.
And don't fall in Iove.
I'll go to the river
to rinse the laundry.
It's late. You can do it tomorrow.
It'll spoll.
Thanks. It was good.
Help yourself.
Don't mind her.
She's young and bad
and flirty.
Say something!
You saying you don't understand?
Poland is next to you,
they understand German over there.
Come on, say sornething.
You've got fine legs and tits.
Zero reaction.
Want help?
I don't understand you.
I know why you went
to the river so late.
What should I do?
What should I do?
Talk about the weather?
It's getting cold.
Your dress isn't warm.
You need to get warm.
You're so beautiful.
You're in my heart.
Right here.
You played around
when you were young,
and you still are...
You turned the guy's head,
he forgets his service.
It's quiet now, thank God.
Those with any sense
took to the woods.
But Kapustikha's back.
Pruzyna too.
Thank God!
Be quiet, dear,
it's a sin to have fun.
Don't you know
Dad and Pavel are
havIng a hard time.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You should learn to shave first,
then chase girls.
Look at him.
Shining like a copper coin.
Mum, where d'you keep
the goose fat?
We treat scratches with it.
I'll spread it here, gut?
This doesn't hurt
On the chaff, on the straw,
It'll hurt and let off.
You'll soon be fine again.
Franz... Great grease.
She'll get you some milk,
you spazieren...
- Gut apetite.
- Okay...
Keep an eye on her.
See that she doesn't leave.
You'll get your's soon.
I've fallen.
Get up and catch up with me.
Touch wood.
How 'bout some moonshine?
Get some.
No, no, thanks.
Come on, eat.
I'll make potatoes for supper.
No, no.
Thank you.
Take care of her.
What if they'll want to check?
You understood me?
where are you hidden?


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