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I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
- What do you think?
- He's not funny.
He seems funny.
Everybody's laughing.
I've seen his work maybe 15 times now
and he's never made me laugh.
I don't like him.
Maybe that's it. I just don't like him.
FIPPSY: How did I do?
J.J.: Oh, that was wonderful.
Wonderful, Fippsy. You really slay me.
- You slay me.
- Terrific.
Oh, my God. I really appreciate that
coming from you, Mr. Travalian.
- I always overdo.
- No, no, no. Good, good, good.
Hey, let me... Let me just talk
with him quietly.
You want him?
He's great!
You can't have him.
- Why?
- J.J. Hates him.
- What do you want?
- Fire him.
- How can I fire him? I can't hire him.
- J.J.
- Oh, God. I gotta fire another director.
- Call Morris Finestein.
J.J., can I see you?
How he wastes my time.
KREPLICH: We seem to
have a little problem...
...I thought l'd like
to discuss with you.
Hey, Eddie. How goes it?
- Mr. Travalian. You bringing us a hit?
- Hope not. Don't wanna spoil my record.
Probably too depressing for Broadway.
You're probably right, Eddie.
Catch you later.
PIMP: I can get you woman.
- I'm diseased.
Hello! I'm home!
- Hi, Pop. How's it going?
- Hey, lg. How about you?
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
IGOR: Get away from me.
SPIKE: Surprise!
- My birthday.
- I forgot my birthday.
Oh, you remembered my birthday.
All right, you guys. I've been
kind of busy these days, really.
- Favs! You got me a Favs.
TRAVALIAN: All right, come on.
Let me see. Slippers!
Lt's not his birthday, it's mine.
They don't fit. That's okay.
Let me see, what's this?
I had a lousy day today. I've turned
42, I fired a director, I beat my kids...
I forgot to beat my kids.
Hold on! Oh!
I'm coming for you, lgor.
You're the one! You're the one!
- Okay.
IGOR: Help! Help me!
Okay. We got him! I've got him!
We got him!
Down he goes!
- Happy birthday, kiddo!
- Thanks, kiddo.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, Ivan.
- Happy birthday, Pop.
- Happy birthday, Ivan.
Well, this is great.
Only l'm not 43.
You're 43.
- I'm 42, Gloria.
- You were 42 last year.
- You're 43, Pop.
- 43, Pop.
- How do you know?
- I was here last year. I remember!
43 you are, Ivan. I was living here
last year too.
Us too, Ivan. Remember? Last year
we gave you 42 beach balls.
- One was for good luck.
- No.
You look good for your age.
Don't you ever, ever, ever tell me
I look good for my age again, Gloria.
Gloria, Gloria.
- You going out?
- I gotta meet Kreplich...
...go over this director thing.
Is that okay?
Is it okay? Is it okay
that you're going out?
Yeah. Sure. Okay.
You are one beautiful chica there,
honey chili.
So they tell me.
What say I get back,
we get the party lights going?
Pop a little popcorn.
I have always known it
would come to this, Blanche.
Gloria, why are you putting
the knives, forks...
...spoons and party hats
in the refrigerator?
Lt's simple human error.
Don't misinterpret it
or blow it out of proportion...
...because you have career anxieties.
Morris! Morris Finestein!
FINESTEIN: What are you doing here?
- You gotta do the play.
I will not direct your play.
I do not like this play.
I will not have my name
associated with it.
My career is too important.
Don't you understand?
I will not do this play.
I do not like this play.
- Now, that's a firm decision.
TRAVALIAN: I'm begging.
- Want me to beg?
- No.
- I'll beg.
- Ivan, please!
- I'm on my knees.
- You're embarrassing me.
Ivan! Okay, l'll think about it.
I'll read it again.
Maybe we can fix the second act, okay?
Just get up. Come on.
Take it easy.
KREPLICH: Morris Finestein?
- He didn't like your play.
- That's the way he is.
He said to
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