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Who sad that two and two made four?
Ths world isn't so plan,
Two and two make four -
that's just a school rule.
Robert, throttle back!
There's traffic police the corner.
What's traffic police?
You'll know that soon.
Perfect health! lmpeccable logic!
Versatle eruditon!
A bent for hgh speed,
more then 110 km/h
Well, 110 km/h - that's not bad!
-Is he really sure in his reacton?
What's bastard?
A person, who breaks
into other's conversaton.
Why I didn't know that before?
Wait a little.
And be silent for two minutes.
Old man, congratulatons!
Make him ready for dispatch. The
anxous customer's wating for him.
-We've time yet.
-Yeah, the project's completed.
-A technical project.
-l don't understand.
He has an unlimited potency.
But you want him to be like
this monster! That's injustice!
What do you think, Robert?
Why you are silent?
Two minutes aren't up yet.
I exempt you from this order.
Come here.
Sit down!
Stand up!
Sit down!
Stand up!
Do you like that?
Is that all he can?
That's all for the time being.
What a misery!
Do you like it?
Look, you created him
in your own mage.
But what for?
He can meet with
intellgent creatures.
There, on Vega.
They'll judge us by him.
-Don't you afraid?
-What should I afraid?
That they'll judge not
only our technical levels...
-But also our souls.
-Nope. l'm not afraid.
Well, boy, explain
to this man what is soul.
The soul is a substance's property
to reflect the material world.
-It that all?
-That's all for now.
-You know what? Go to...
To the lab.
And ask Gennady to check you up.
I understood the assgnment.
Stop! Before leavng,
tell good bye to people.
-Good bye.
-Good boy!
But that's just a beginning.
What did you conceive?
I've got an idea!
-Tanya! You're here for a long time?
No. Oh my god!
Is that what you call a
scentific work?
That's it!
By the way, the workday
is already over.
-Take me home.
-Gena, the same things every day.
Tanya, I couldn't
come earlier.
We are waiting for you, Gennady.
Chef, just a minute!
Call to my lab in 10 minutes.
I realize the loss,
but l'm afraid...
You have to find
another partner for tennis.
Gennady will do more serious work.
And also shopping. I'm sorry.
How do you like ths fashion house?
So pretty! Do you agree, Sergey?
-You've forgotten your tie!
-Victms for your people.
Divine creature, forgive me
for shattering your peace.
-I don't understand the purpose of this thing.
-Suffer to be handsome!
What is handsome?
To be better then you are.
It's one of the greatest
human mistakes.
Lab # 1. For you, Gennady.
Look, Gennady, what's the matter?
I've been waiting for 3 minutes!
Why you didn't come?
What you mean you can't?
Sergey! That's Borka.
He has got 2 tickets
for American basketball.
You understand me!
O.K. What can I do? Go!
-Yeah! I run!
Look, Robert,
I'll take you to my new flat.
You'll be livng there
with different people.
You'll meet them, help them,
you'll be ther student.
What will I study?
At first try not to
differ from them.
I understood the assignment.
Hey, nobleman, kick the ball.
-I wanna ice-cream.
-I understood the assignment.
Thank you.
Where is money? Swindler!
Two cups? Scum! Well,
I'll show you blue devil!
Hurray! Hurray!
Uncle, that's my toy! It's mne!
-I don't understand that.
-Why did you take it? It's my toy.
What do you think, Gennady?
Why did Robert need money?
He asked me for one ruble.
I have no dea.
He probably has some debts.
Tell me why he takes children's toys away?
He's got a bent for simplest
organisms. He's got a temper.
A temper? Bad temper. Why the hell
he doesn't care when children cry?
He shouldn't be
concerned about that.
Pity, grief and gaiety
are biased factors.
Did you hear what Sergey sad?
I did. Many times. All the
factors are biased for him.
Robert goes to the theater
instead of

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