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Заваруха в городе

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- Evening, lieutenant.
- Louie.
- Coffee?
- Yeah.
Forget it, lieutenant.
Their free refills were killing me anyway.
Mike Murphy been in yet?
- Who?
- Murphy. Michael.
I don't know him, pal.
That's funny.
I hear he eats here every night.
Murray, you say?
Murphy, brick brain.
Your ears need unplugging?
- So?
- No, he ain't been in yet.
I'll wait.
Damn. Damn.
Hello, Louie.
Got an emergency. They need
your meat loaf down at the river.
The levee's got a hole in it...
...and meat loaf's the only thing
that can stop it up for a year.
Somebody left the cage door open, huh?
It's out.
What's the occasion?
Archie, how you doing?
- Not too bad. And you?
- Not too bad.
- How's the stew?
- Not too good.
That's too bad.
I was counting on the stew.
I had my mouth set on it. I'll try the Ritz.
- Maybe not.
- This here is Archie.
Really? Ain't that peculiar?
- What?
- See, Archie...
...we're looking for a gumshoe
named Mike Murphy.
Guy about your size
with a mustache like you.
Even drives a Model A Roadster like you,
with the same license plate too.
- Now, ain't that peculiar?
- Yeah, that's peculiar.
They're a couple of cupcakes.
I guess this wouldn't work again.
Oh, Speer.
Lieutenant, aren't you
gonna do anything?
How about a refill?
He can take care of himself.
I'm not disturbing you, am I?
I got a situation here.
I know we're not really close
anymore, but let by...
- You back?
- Fuck, yes, I'm back.
You know why I'm back?
Because I'm being killed.
What are you gawking at?
- You waiting for them to kill me?
- They competitors?
Or did you have your nose
in the wrong ass?
- There's plenty left for you.
- Say when.
Mike, please.
There's not much left.
- Anytime, Speer.
- Until then, you watch your step.
- You hear me?
- What are you talking about?
I'm talking about rumors
of a frayed-collar peeper...
...trying to get in bed
with the wrong snot balls.
Of course, that wouldn't be you.
You're too much of a fancy Dan.
- I'll be watching.
- I'm shaking.
So long, shorty.
You pathetic son of a bitch.
He's so pathetic.
I turned in my badge, you know.
I got my own...
I got my own office now!
I got my name in gold.
You're just jealous.
You're so insecure, it's unbelievable.
Is this frayed?
How you doing, boss?
- Fine, fine, doing fine.
- Alrighty.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks a million. Much obliged.
The finance company just called. Those
mugs last night were after your car.
Repo guys?
Seems they don't enjoy their work
as much as they used to.
You owe $98.98, Mike.
It's the cash or the keys.
- Who?
- The landlord.
Do I have to do everything?
I told you to send that check weeks ago.
- Oh, my gosh!
- I can't stand irresponsibility.
I know. I'm so...
Still singing that song? Ain't never
worked. Ain't never gonna work.
You remember my silent
and invisible partner, Mr. Swift.
We thought you were Mahoney...
...president of the Landlord's
Malevolent Association.
- Behind in our rent again.
- The word is "still."
Tell Mr. Mahoney to fix the plumbing,
or we're gonna move to a better dump.
Mike, catch me. I'm gonna faint.
I suppose Murphy and Swift...
...are financially delinquent
with regards to their secretary.
- Somewhat.
- One week, two weeks?
- Three.
- For shame.
- Months.
- Oh, now that's what I call loyalty.
And a little bonus. How's that?
Addy, take a letter somewhere.
Yes, sir, Mr. Murphy. Sir.
Free Spirit in the seventh.
You've never been that lucky,
and you ain't that smart.
- People change.
- Not you.
I heard a rumor about you last night.
Taletelling, Mike?
- I didn't figure you were the type.
- Snot balls play hard.
It warms my cockles knowing you care.
You're not that good, Dehl.
Hello. Hey, sugar.
Tonight at 8?
Okay. Bye-bye.
Gotta breeze, Mike.
Promises to keep and all.
Oh, by the way...
...don't be surprised if you receive
a little bonus soon.
Why would
Заваруха в городе

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