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Hey, what's going on?
I found a note on my door,
"Come to Monica's.
Bring champagne
and a Three Musketeers bar"?
Yeah, I'll take that.
What's up?
- Monica and I are engaged.
- Oh, my God.
Congratulations. Where is she?
I'm engaged! I'm engaged!
She's been there for 20 minutes.
You didn't hear?
I thought it was a kid yelling,
"I'm gay! "
- Can I bring her in?
- Let her stay. It's sweet.
I'm getting married!
I'm gonna be a bride!
No, I will not shut up,
because I'm engaged!
Oh, big talk! Why don't you
come here and say that to me?
My fianc will kick your ass.
Come on, apartment 20, apartment 20.
You get her in, you bolt the door,
I'll be in the closet.
The One with Monica's Thunder
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Okay, wait, wait, wait.
I just want to say that I love
you guys so, so much...
...and thank you for being here
on my special night.
Our special night.
It just wouldn't be my night...
Our night...
...if you weren't here to celebrate
with me... Us. Damn it!
It's okay,
I want this to be your night too.
To Monica.
Come on, wait, stop it.
Okay, to Monica.
Have you decided on a band for the
wedding, because I'm kind of musical.
She got engaged a few hours ago,
I doubt she's had time to think...
Speaking of chiming in,
remember burning my apartment?
Yeah, you're on your own.
We should get dressed up
and go have champagne at the Plaza.
I can't stay too long.
I gotta get up early for an audition.
I gotta look good.
I'm supposed to be playing
a 19-year-old.
So when you said get up early,
did you mean 1986?
You guys don't think I look 19?
Oh, 19! We thought you said 90.
Okay, everybody, let's go.
Is my candy bar around here?
No, you ate it all.
I was afraid of that.
You know what shoes would look great
with this ring?
Diamond shoes.
You're not getting dressed.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, but I don't think we have time.
There's gonna be a wedding.
You're gonna be the bride.
200 people are gonna be looking at you
in a clean, white dress.
Let's do it.
Chandler, it happens to lots of guys.
You're tired,
you had a lot of champagne.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not worried. I'm fascinated.
You know? It's like biology.
Which is funny, because in high school
I failed biology...
...and tonight biology failed me.
Check it out. I could play this
while the guests are coming in, okay.
First time I met Chandler
I thought he was gay
But here I am singing
On his wedding day
Phoebe, no.
If you'd let me finish, it goes on
to say that he's probably not gay.
You guys don't have this problem,
you're made of wood.
Hey, you look great.
You okay over there?
I don't know. You know?
I feel a little... .
You know what? Never mind.
I'll be fine.
Don't worry about it. You're probably
tired, you had a lot of champagne.
It happens to everybody.
- Happy Monica's Night.
- Well, thank you. You too.
Can you believe
they are actually getting married?
Well, sure,
but I get married all the time.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I guess.
Do you think we'll ever have that?
You mean "we," you and me?
Oh, no, no, no.
"We," you with someone,
me with someone.
Good, you scared me a minute.
I know. Shake it off.
It's just because you and l,
we were like a nightmare.
- No, but there were some good times.
- Absolutely. Like there was... .
- Surely you can think of something.
- Just give me a minute.
Oh, well, yes.
I can think of one good thing.
You were always good at the...
I was good at the stuff?
I really liked your hands.
My hands?
Way to go, guys.
You were really good at the stuff too.
Oh, I know.
Hey, you know what we never did?
Oh, no, not that.
We never had bonus night.
- A what?
- You know, bonus night.
Two people break up, but they
get back together for one night.
One night, just sex?
No strings attached?
Yeah, yeah, we never had that.
Okay, this is getting a little crazy.
I'm sure
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