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Harry! What a surprise.
It's good to see you.
Hey... It's not what it looks like.
Tony and I are old friends. Ain't that
right, Tony?
Harry and I were partners.
Huh, Harry?
Well, more than partners, huh?
Good times, huh, Harry?
No. No, Harry.
Harry, no!
Cut, cut!
Great! We've got it!
Are you ladies all right?
Are you OK? That was great.
Ellen, come on outta there.
- How was I?
- You were great. Nobody dies like you.
Are we goin' again?
- Not on your bit.
- Good! I'm free!
He wants the bartender again.
- Yeah, you're free for lunch.
- Where are we going?
- The Italian joint?
- I hate Italian food.
Hey, you did a beautiful job.
- Where have you been?
- Plenty of blood.
- How are we doin' here?
- Rollie... Great work.
- Looked terrific.
- Let's do it again sometime.
We will, in a minute.
It's perfect now.
The cornstarch works great.
- Rollie Tyler?
- Yeah.
- Hi. I'm Joe Leitner.
- How do you do?
Rollie, that was sensational. As usual.
- We're gonna go again soon.
- Yeah. We'll be right...
I've been a big fan of yours
since you came to this country.
Thank you very much but...
we're a little busy now, as you can see.
- How did you get on the set?
- Oh, I'm not just a fan.
I'm a producer.
I've really admired your stuff.
- Ever since Vermin from Venus.
- You saw that?
That's the one that got him
deported from Australia.
But the special effects were... incredible!
- And also very expensive.
- Well, we have a decent budget.
Which brings me to the project
I wanted to talk to you about.
- It's not a splatter movie. More sci-fi.
- Hi.
I'm Ellen. I'm in the movie.
Oh, right! The wig and everything.
- That was lovely. I saw that.
- Thank you.
That was...
- If we could discuss this privately...
- Tomorrow, 11am at my workshop?
11am is great. Thanks very much.
I appreciate this.
Very nice to meet you.
And that looked great! Amazing.
Thanks very much.
Nice man. Might be a job in that.
Nobody cares about making movies
about people any more.
All they care about is... special effects.
I'm gonna cry.
- Frank, can I borrow this?
- Sure.
- Wow! That works great!
- It's good, innit?
- It's for the suicide scene.
- Sure is.
- It's great.
- Like it?
Listen, guys. I'm gonna skip lunch cos
I feel yucky and I wanna take a shower.
- Charlie, could you drop Ellen off?
- Yeah. No problem.
I love you. Goodbye.
7 o'clock. Don't forget.
- Bye, Andy.
- Bye, Ellen.
The first stop is Prince Street
between Wooster and Greene.
I'm the first to make sure
of my real life pleasure!
I have an audition in half an hour.
I have to go to Susan's apartment.
Water those cats and feed the plants.
Don't forget. Dinner tonight
in Susan's apartment.
I don't wanna go. I'll stay here with...
No, I gotta go.
Do you have to rehearse
this early in the morning?
Oh, God...
- Good luck!
- Break a leg.
Break a leg.
Hey, Leitner!
Up here!
Sorry. I should've
warned you about Rosebud.
- I use it to scare off burglars.
- I can believe that! Wow!
- Come on in.
- Wow. That is great.
Oh, my God!
- Song of the Succubus.
- That's right.
Planet of the Female Mummies.
- You've done your homework.
- Yeah... Oh, God!
Blood in the Basement.
- Careful of that.
- Sorry.
- I Dismember Mama.
- You know 'em all.
Yeah. That's great. That's beautiful.
- Rock-A-Die Baby.
- Uh-huh.
How about some coffee, Mr Leitner?
My name's not Leitner. It's Lipton.
OK, Lipton. In that case,
maybe you'd prefer tea.
- I'm not a movie producer either.
- So what are you?
Justice Department.
Sorry about using the phoney names, but
it's for security - yours as well as mine.
- Am I in trouble?
- No! Not at all.
As a matter of fact, we are. And...
We thought we might be able to utilise
your particular genius to help us out.
- Did you say coffee?
- Yeah. Great. Thanks.
Ever heard of
the Witness Relocation Program?
Can't say I have, no.


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