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Mr. Sakai?
How is everything?
Very fine.
Does Tokiko Amamiya live here?
A boarder?
Yes. She lives upstairs.
With her child?
What does she do for a living?
She's a dressmaker.
Where's her husband?
Not repatriated?
Did she check at the ward office?
She goes there often.
It's been a long time, right? Excuse me.
Get the typhoid shot?
Id better go.
A cop?
Where's Tokiko?
She's just gone out with the child.
Also, she took away a bag.
It's hard on her.
They've come.
Welcome. Hello, Hiroshi.
Say hello to her.
Take off your shoes.
Will you sell this for me?
Ive run out of money.
We made identical kimonos.
Still have yours?
I sold mine long ago.
We wore them to a picnic.
Yes. ln autumn.
I like this one, but I don't need it now.
Sell it for the same price.
At last time?
Yes. lt can't be helped.
Prices are going up.
I know.
Even rationed food costs plenty.
I can't hang on any longer.
It's my last kimono.
Mine are gone already.
My man earns so little.
How much can I get?
Ill ask.
Sorry to bother you.
Id sell my soul to raise my child.
Excuse me.
I have a favour to ask.
What is it?
Will you sell this...
for the same price?
Will you sell it?
If someone wants it. But...
It won't bring very much.
She's flat broke now.
There's an easier way for her to live.
What way?
She's pretty. lf she tries...
No. She isn't that kind of girls.
She's married.
Can he be relied on? He's not yet home.
Hardship doesn't add up.
A man asked me to sell this medal.
It can be a brooth.
Who'd want it?
7th Order of Merit.
A child's toy.
What's wrong?
Sleepy? You had to get up early.
How was it?
I asked her. The bitch!
What did she say?
She said you can live more easily.
She said so to me too.
The other day.
Some woman!
What's wrong, Hiroshi?
He seems sleepy. Shall we go, Hiroshi?
Have some potatoes first.
No, thank you.
Get on my back?
Come here.
My best to your man.
Try hard, huh? Say goodbye to her.
How nice! On your mum's back?
Like a baby.
Nice day. lt's really spring.
Shall we go...on a picnic
near the river again?
Why not? lt'll be fun.
I wish I could live without worries.
Me, too.
Here we are.
We're at home. Get down.
How stupid of me!
I brought in your shoes. Wait.
I bought salt.
800g for four.
Here's your change.
Thank you.
Everything's so expensive,
shopping isn't easy.
100 yen for three.
Is it?
I could afford only one.
Only 10 sen before the war.
Far better ones, at that.
What's wrong, Hiroshi?
What's wrong? Why so quiet?
What's the matter?
Be strong, Hiroshi!
What's wrong?
Hiroshi's sick.
What happened?
Send him to a doctor.
Who's the best?
Who's the best?
Who's the best?
How about Dr. Morita?
Know him?
Behind the school.
With a black fence.
I know.
Take care.
Shall I go, too?
No, thank you.
-Careful on the way. -Im going.
What happened?
He suddenly got sick.
How is he?
Ill give him more shots.
It's acute catarrh of the colon.
It's a very critical situation.
Keep him cool, all right?
Take care.
Bad, isn't it?
I hope he gets well soon.
Get home. lt's late.
That's okay.
You must get up early.
Please go.
If you insist. Then...
Please use this money.
It's not much.
Really? Thank you very much.
Sorry to worry you.
That's all right. Ill come again tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Take care.
Thanks for everything.
Im sorry, Hiroshi.
I was stupid to give you that cake.
Forgive me.
You wanted it so badly.
Try harder, all right?
Get well. For your mother's sake.
What could I do without you?
Don't leave me behind.
Get better. Promise.
Understand? Please get well.
Someone's crying.
Don't even suggest it.
How is he?
His fever's gone.
He'll be all right.
He will? Thank you very much.
Im glad he did so well.
will be all right.
Thank you.
That's all

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