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Детсадовский полицейский

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Excuse me.
You shouldn't be here.
l know. Ask for
at least §1,000, okay?
l'll get as much
as l can. You hide.
His wife took his kid
and a couple of million...
and we won't
get a thousand.
Shut up
and stay hidden.
l told him
l was coming alone.
Hey, Mr. Crisp.
How's it going?
You said you had information
about my family.
Yeah, yeah, l do.
Well, let's have it.
Well, it's going to cost you.
Like §1,000?
Okay, that's obviously
not my final offer.
750 would be fine.
l mean, more than fine.
Just tell me what
you have, Danny...
and l'll take
good care of you.
That sounds fair.
l was doing a delivery
for Corky last week
out of state...
and l ran into your ex.
How'd she look?
She looked great,
Mr. Crisp. Yeah.
She changed her hair
and stuff...
but she looked like
a million dollars.
ln fact, she looked like
about §3 million.
Did she see you?
No. l was
changing a tire...
and suddenly, there she was
across the street...
taking her kid
into this school.
My boy?
Looked great.
He looked very healthy.
lt's a real nice, healthy place
where they're living.
lt snows in winter there.
where are they?
At the school
where l saw them--
Astoria Elementary School.
lt's in Astoria, Oregon.
All right.
Did you tell
anyone else this?
No way.
Hey, l'm not stupid,
Mr. Crisp.
You're not?
Danny! No!
Get up!
Don't you die on me!
l didn't kill him.
l didn't kill him.
Was it Crisp?
l don't know.
l didn't see anything.
What are you doing?
Hey, hey, hey!
Stop it! Don't do that!
Don't go anywhere.
Let me go!
No! Let me off of him!
l don't like
what you've done.
l really don't like it.
lt feels terrible,
and it looks dreadful.
l'm trying my best.
Maybe your best
isn't good enough.
l'm back.
Oh, great.
Well, that was fast.
lt was easy.
l have some great, exciting,
wonderful news, Mother.
Oh, you always
exaggerate, Cullen.
Everything is always
great, terrific.
So, what's so great?
l just found out
where they're hiding.
Are you serious?
You really know where he is?
Manicure, Mr. Crisp?
Oh, how could l
say no to you?
Tell me.
What's happened?
Just let me
handle this myself, Mother.
l know what l'm doing.
Everything is under control.
lt's all right.
l'm a police officer.
Crisp, you're under arrest.
Put your hands on your head
and get up!
Kimble, not again!
Your hands!
They're up.
When will you
leave me alone?
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
Hey, l'm a police officer.
This is an arrest.
This man's crazy.
Look at him.
He'll kill me.
You're just going to stand there?
l'm a cop!
l'm Detective John Kimble.
This man is under arrest.
l'm checking.
You can't just walk in here
and put a gun in my face.
l'm trying to get a manicure.
l have witnesses.
l have a witness, too.
lt's murder one this time.
Now you're mine.
The bastard handcuffed me
to a dead man!
A dead man!
Come on. Sit down.
Now, did Danny ever say
what Crisp's wife looked like?
Did he ever say what name
she was using in Oregon?
He didn't say anything.
Look, l just
want to go home.
After the lineup,
l'll drive you home.
l'll even buy you dinner.
l'll even cook you dinner.
l'm not doing any lineup...
and there ain't jack shit
you can do about it!
l've been after Crisp
for four years...
and she's letting
my key witness walk away?
Kimble, sit down!
Sit down.
- Sit.
- Sit.
Now listen to me.
He killed your boyfriend.
All you have to do
is point your finger...
and we can put him away
for 30 years.
He wasn't my boyfriend.
l hardly knew the guy.
l know you're in there.
l know what you want,
but you ain't getting it.
No lineup, no testimony.
So shove your handcuffs
up your ass!
Now let me out of here!
Slow down!
Open it and let me out!
O'Hara, meet Kimble.
Kimble's been on this
a long time.
Let me take care of Cindy.
She'll make Crisp.
l guarantee it.
Детсадовский полицейский

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