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Well, then. What name will he have?
What for a choice you have. Name him Moggiy if you want,
name him Zossiy if you want. ????
What a names!
Well, turn another page.
What names!
I, to be honest, have never heard of such.
If it were Varadat or Varukh,
but here - Triphiliy...
Let him be named after his father:
Father was Akakiy, let the son be Akakiy.
Let it be: Akakiy Akakyevich.
Waking up, I thank you Holy Trinity, many [men] for your blessings...
Akakiy Akakyevich!
It's time for you to go to work.
That way...
one can be late.
Clerk came by twice yesterday.
He has to go to work, but you haven't gotten up yet!
Petrovich, what are you...
My bad, my bad, I'm in underwear. I have to go to work...
It's time to pay the rent.
But please! I've already prepared [the money].
Here you go.
Good morning, Avdotya Semenovna. I must go to work...
Petrovich, I must go to work...
...to be on time.
Here you go, sir.
I could be late because of you.
???? but I mended it.
These patches are not the same colour.
Everything was that colour.
You have come?
You know, Petrovich didn't bring me trousers on time and now I could be late for work.
Good morning.
Akakiy Akakyevich, how does your landlady do without
this cover [rag] while you're in office?
You'd better hang ot yourself otherwise it'll fall apart
and you'll be blaming me then.
I was almost too late.
Paperwork. To make a fair copy.
To make a fair copy.
To make a fair copy.
To make a fair copy.
To make a fair copy.
To make a fair copy.
Mister Bashmachkin!
There's a job for you. Prepare a submission
to province court after this petition. Very simple.
You have to change the title. In first three lines "he demands"
must be written instead of "i demand".
The rest stays the same, letter to letter, as the paragraphs are written.
I demand...
He demands? He demands! He!
I demand, he demands...
Have you written it?
I can't.
I'm old, head doesn't work.
Better give me something to make a fair copy. I'm used to it.
Well, if your new job is beyond your liking...let it be.
I offered it to you so that you could renew your overcoat sooner,
it's cold [outside].
God save should it happen that you just fell down...
How much is left until your retirement?
Year and a half.
Keep on working.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen, here!
Mister Bashmachkin, it's snowing.
It's snowing, mister Bashmachkin.
Let me be.
Why are you maltreating me?
Let me through.
Let through...
Venerable sir...
Venerable sir...
I have this...
My bad.
Here, just in one spot, and there's on shoulder a little hole.
Cloth is strong. It's just so dusty it looks old,
but it is new.  When you're...
Totally bad wardrobe.
It's been mended two times already.
It can't be done any more.
Why can't it be done, Petrovich?
Put a patch where it is needed. You do have some patches...
But to go to the boss...one can stay without job then.
Threads have nothing to hold on. See how they're creeping.
Better make ??? out of it.
But overcoat must be sewn new.
New? What are you saying, Petrovich, God forgive?
Petrovich, if I really order new one how much will it cost?
About three times half a hundred.
That much?
That much. If to make marten collar and hood with silk lining
it can amount up to two hudred.
What are you babbling one-eyed devil! Aren't you sober yet?
Why are you bewildering the man?
Marten! Have you ever seen marten?
Two hundred rubles! Have you ever held that much in your hands?
Keep quiet, don't intervene.
I fight with you, drunkard, twenty years!
Petrovich, perhaps, if...
Don't listen to him!
He's just babbling nonsense.
Not nonsense!
Let's count materials. How much cloth will it take?
Well...about nine arshin.
Nine arshin? On him?
Seven arshin is too much!
But hood!
That's hood included. And collar from cat-skin.
It can always be assumed as marten from afar.


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