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Good morning.
But if now is the evening performance, then
"Good evening", naturally.
Let's start.
Dear Audience, drama-buffo.
With songs, dances,
gun shots and tricks.
The story of how beautiful
madam Ksidias quitted the scene.
Of how everyone
wants to become a Napoleon.
that it became impossible to walk along
the Streets, without meeting the Napoleons.
About how a Cinderella ruined a prince.
Participating are: poets and executioners,
singers and bandits.
Soldiers and streets tarts,
generals and "baffoons".
Aesculapiuses and political intriguers.
Hucksters and saints.
As well as contrabandists,
artisans and one hour caliphs.
You can laugh, Laughing is permitted.
But if you li
ke crying, then cry.
Because if you would neither
cry nor laugh, then ...
then good bye your money.
How do you like local
townswomen? How do you like them?
The whole Empire is here.
Not too bad, true? Not too bad. Right?
lt rolled up at the sea shore.
They look like
Parisian ladies a little. They look like Parisian ladies.
lt will start developing today
Perhaps, they are a bit plump,
they are a bit plump.
Up to Kiev first of all, later to Kharkov.
Later to Moscow, later to St Petersburg.
The Kiev ladies are thinner.
The Kiev ladies are a little thinner.
The Bolsheviks wanted to dump us into the Black Sea,
but we will dump them into the White one.
Very pretty.
Nevertheless, they are very pretty.
Well, when will l see
e white full dress uniform? Where is the small black moustac
Soon, my dear. Soon.
Please buy flowers.
Well, what do you see there?
l can see: Captains are shouting into megaphones.
And they are putting the gang-way now... Devil!
What is that?
You plopped again. You cannot
buy me a pair of normal binoculars.
This is an ancient thing, Mr. Voronov.
-l'm conquered.
-My father bought it.
He was a thief.
He is starting
his small jokes again, Mr. Voronov.
Hit him, Jenia!
Have this, swine!
-Please buy flowers! Oh!
My God! What is he doing?
Petia! Jenia! Calm down.
l told you.
lt is too early for you to do that.
Sha! Sha!
Mr. Voronov, l want to
complain about your trainee.
-Don't listen to her, Michel.
-Jenia, you lost again?
Lady, roses, please!
Ah! l forgot money.
Don't do that!
Thank you.
-My God! Petia! Jenia!
Jenia! You can cripple him. My God!
Go away! l am talking to you!
You promised!
And don't ever show your face here again.
A dangerous criminal, Yevgeny Brodskey,
is wanted by the police.
Fedka, is Brodskey here?
May be yes.
You see, such fop is standing there,
in varnish shoes?
The one with the coarse nose?
Are you here?
Uncle Stepikov,
what do you want from that fop?
Go and tell him: "Mr.
Philip, Stepikov has something to tell you".
-ls that clear?
Hi, Philip.
This is my friend.
Merchant seaman Bondarenko.
My Compliments. Philip.
Free anarchist.
Well what do you say on Entente?
Within half an hour it will be here.
Philip, we need weapons.
Rifles? Guns?
Bombs-for the time being.
Here you are, Lady.
Can you see that odd woman in
English suit, who's standing there?
Aha, the one with the feathers?
l beg you to approach her and ask.
"Madam Tokarchuk,
Mr. Philip is interested
"Or do we have
decent bombs now?
-How is Brodskey getting on?
-ls something wrong?
Well, l saw him strolling along the parkway.
lt's hot today. Many toads.
Madam says: "My Gosh!"
-Where is my head?
-How much?
450 dozens.
After 100 pieces-4% discount.
-Delivery is at the buyer's expense.
-Too expensive.
Free anarchists do not bargain
They simply loot.
Let's not start party discussions here.
l have knocked off
ten per dozen for revolution
-How many bombs do you need?
-A hundred for the time being.
A Hundred? 100 divide by 10 gives 8. Remainder is 4.
-3033 grands. lt's fair, comrades.
-Wait. Do we have...?
We do.
When should it be delivered?
-At 22nd

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