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So Joan,
here are the charges.
Listen to them all and be wise,
for God's sake!
You fought near Paris
on God's holy day.
You jumped from the tower of Beaurevoir castle
in an attempt to put an end to your life.
You are guilty of Franquet
d'Arras' murder.
- Beware, bishop!
- Fourth!
- You've fixed this trial.
- Fourth!
You wore - and are still wearing -
men's clothes.
You will soon die, bishop!
I know that! Beware!
That's witchcraft!
She's a witch! A witch!
Throw her in the fire!
Write that in the report.
There's no need!
Get to the point, Joan!
Very good!
Firstly: what has God's
holy day got to do with Paris?
Whether it's a sin or not, is not
a decision for the Court,
but for my confessor.
Secondly: it was not despair
which drove me to jump from the tower.
On the contrary, it was hope!
And thirdly: as for Franquet d'Arras,
he got what he deserved.
He confessed to being a scoundrel,
a villain and a traitor.
I wanted to exchange him for Monsieur D'Orsay,
an adherent to my side.
But Monsieur D'Orsay died.
It would have been stupid to let
that scoundrel Franquet go free.
And men's clothes?
Don't you understand, bishop,
that being among men,
it is more decent to wear men's clothes?
Let me go back home to my mother,
and I'll return to her in a woman's gown.
For the last time, Joan...
Will you submit to the Church?
I won't.
I will not submit to you, my judges.
Very well.
Show the instruments of
torture to the accused.
Be humble, my daughter!
Do you fear death?
You fear?!
I do.
I fear it.
Very much.
My flesh trembles at the very idea.
I quake because of it.
But my soul...
doesn't belong to you.
It is stronger than torture and death.
And even if I tell you what you
want to hear under torture...
I will only declare later that you
extracted it from me by force.
Remember that.
Sound take! Wait!
Sound take!
Shooting's over, comrades!
Thanks a lot!
Comrades! Your attention!
Go to the canteen for
a 30 minute lunch.
The buses will take you right there.
You can buy tickets at the cashier.
Today's extras will of course
receive their money tomorrow.
Today's lunch will be...
hmm, cabbage soup, I'm afraid.
And cutlets... with potatoes.
- Miss, do you dance?
- I do.
Do you mind?
- Do you dance?
- Of course!
May I?
Of course!
You dance?
I do.
And I sing!
- Wait here, I'll be back soon.
- Where are you going?
I won't be long.
- I won't be waiting.
- Wait!
Miss, do you dance?
Of course! Are you surprised?
Surprised? Not in the least!
Shall we dance?
Let's go!
Does it hurt?
Oh no, on the contrary,
it's even pleasant. And you?
Pleasant too. You know, that smarts.
- Thanks.
- Let me take them to the cloakroom...
It's better if I go myself.
You know, these bags and umbrellas are
not mine so I'd rather take them myself.
- Don't you trust me?
- Oh yes! Very much.
Please wait for me!
Please. Will you?
- Well, as you wish!
- I'll be back soon, I won't be long!
I'm back!
What's your name?
- Mine? Arkady.
- And mine's Pasha!
- Shall we dance?
- Let's dance!
The ball is over.
Good night, comrades!
What do they mean 'over'?
It can't be 'over'?
That's impossible!
- It's already quite late!
- What are you saying! Late?!
It's not late at all.
They could have warned us!
- Music!
- Music!
Don't make a fuss. The ball is over!
Good bye!
Well, Pasha! Is it worth shouting?
Yura, let's play 'Tsiganochka'.
Shall we dance?
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Come on, tell me.
Nobody has ever danced with me
like this. You're the first.
Will you dance again with me?
- Dance?
- Some day.
I suppose you find me attractive?
I suppose.
Aren't you afraid of me?
- Of you?
- Of me.
- No, I'm not.
- Why not?
I won't say!
- I know why.
- I don't think so!
- Because I don't make impression.
- On the contrary! You're charming!
- Really?
- Most

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