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Маленькая Вера

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EndCentral Studio of Children and
Youth Films named after M. Gorky
Natalya NEGODA
Now we've got it!
Just look at her! Just look!
She finished school, but got
nothing but foolishness in her head!
It's all your doing!
Kissing her ass when she was little.
- Come on, stop it.
- That's why she's grown up like this.
Who knows what happens now!
- Will you eat?
- Yes, I'm hungry as a wolf.
Is there nobody in this house
to fix the light?
Victor's coming with his wife.
Come here!
Come here, I said!
What do you think
you're doing, Verka?
Why are you torturing your mother?
How can we look people straight
in the eye after that?
Instead of helping your mother,
you're loafing about with your...
It's Chistyakova, the bitch,
who's putting you up to it!
I don't want to see her again
in our courtyard!
What's her telephone number?
What's her number, I say!
She says she got no telephone.
All right, I'll check it.
I'll get everything from the school -
the telephone and the address.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Your mother and I are
killing ourselves
to put you on your feet.
Thank God, Viktor has made it.
And you?
Have you ever thought that he might
be fired because of this thing?
She even began to smoke for everyone
to see how liberated she is!
What are you smirking at?
- Will you give me something to grub?
- In a minute.
Why don't you say something?
What am I supposed to say?
- Where did you get the money?
- Found it.
You hear? You shall go to the police
today and tell them everything!
Sit down.
You eat, and I'll go and call Viktor.
Let him talk to her
if she won't listen to her mother.
- Isn't he on duty today?
- He was yesterday.
Hello? Who is it?
Is it Moscow?
Who is it? Sonya?
Sonya, why didn't you call us lately?
How's Mishenka? Is he all right?
It's very hot here.
And you got rains?
Oh, it's too bad.
Why don't you come to visit?
Mishenka would eat plenty of fruit.
They must be very expensive
at your market.
Mishenka, my sweetie!
Say something to your
grandma, honey.
Oh, he said "ganma"!
And how does my little one sing?
Oh, how he's singing, my darling!
Sonya, did he get
any new teeth?
That's all right, they'll pop up.
Sonya, is Viktor home?
Get him for me.
Vitya, it's your mom calling.
It's about Vera.
I got into her bag today,
I needed a pen.
And I saw some
strange piece of paper there.
I unfolded it.
And it was 20 foreign dollars.
Yes, 20 dollars.
She says she walked and found it
on the ground.
Since when have we had dollars
lying about on the ground?
"Go to the police
and tell them how it happened. "
And she doesn't want to!
Wait, Vitya.
Vera! Verka!
Open up now!
Come on, do something!..
Vitya, can you believe
what she's doing?
Open up!
She locked herself up in the bathroom!
Where's the money?
What are you saying?
She tore the dollars up
and flushed them down the toilet!
I got no patience anymore!
She won't listen to us!
She smokes,
she hangs about the hell knows where!
Vitya, you talk to her.
Come here!
Yes? Hi.
Sure, I'm already running.
What did Viktor tell you?
Don't smoke.
It's bad for your health.
Do as the parents tell.
He's right.
Remember, Vera, you must
cherish your honor from a tender age.
I got to go.
Is everything all right with Victor?
Yes, he's all right.
Will you go there?
Sure I will.
They won't work without me.
You got summons from the school?
What? You want a fight?
Let's get out of here.
To go where?
To my place.
I've got cool cassettes.
- So what?
- We can watch the video.
Let's wait for Chistyakova
and take her along.
I got a call
from the naval school.
Will have to go soon.
Why are you staring?
To remember you better.
Vera, Vera, Vera dear,
Like a slender twig you steer!
- Where's the
Маленькая Вера

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