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Чудеса своего рода

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He's gonna get you!
Good, he's dead.
It's Keith. Hi, Ugly.
- Hi, honey. How was work?
- All right.
- When are you gonna cut your hair?
- I got it cut, Mom.
Mom, you're flapping your lips in vain.
Keith vacated.
Keith! Keith, is that you?
- Yep.
- I've been checking out colleges.
Dad, you're going to college?
That's great.
If I'd gone to college, I wouldn't
be selling tyres six days a week.
So will you if you don't get moving.
Take a look. A bunch of new ones
came in the mail today.
Co-ed Phys Ed!
Can I do this later?
Jesus, Keith...
- I'm not trying to break your back, pal.
- I know.
I just want you to think
about your future.
You could be the first guy in this family
who didn't have to wash his hands
after work.
Co-ed Phys Ed!
Where's the song about the guy that
killed himself for the girl that hated him?
Do you know that song?
Do you understand the concept
of the word "privacy"?
Yes. That's why I never
let anyone in my room.
Get out before I throw your ass out.
- You're in a nice mood.
- Get out.
Is this a side effect of being
massively unliked, or what?
I get a black and blue mark,
you're dead!
Look at it. See what he did to me?
Get your head out of the light.
Sweetheart, I can't see anything.
Mom, then you need some glasses.
If I wanted to lie out,
I could not wear a bathing suit.
Exposing your skin to sunlight
will make you old before your time
and eventually you'll look
like an albino raisin.
- Thank you, Cindy.
- My pleasure.
Stay out of his room.
And you see me if you have a problem
before you start roughing her up.
What right does she have to break into
my room? And I did not rough her up.
I have practically no feeling
in my upper arm.
Drop it.
You know, that suggests
a circulatory problem.
I'd put more fibre into my diet
and spend less time on the phone.
- Shut up, please.
- It's my pleasure.
I wish you could experience
the humiliation
of having the weirdest guy in school
be a blood relative.
Your father said drop it.
This family revolves around Keith.
That's not true and you know it.
Excuse me.
Keith, you haven't finished your dinner.
I don't think I've had a balanced meal.
I'm missing one of the food groups.
Hey, Keith, what about these colleges?
I expect an answer.
Did you get your eight
essential vitamins today?
Are you aware of how close that was?
Come on, Mister Sunshine.
Skill beyond skill.
Imagine what I can do when I get
my driver's licence back.
Hey. Where... Don't you have
any books?
- No, not on me. I forgot 'em.
- You never study.
You must be getting heat
from the old man about college.
It's all he thinks about.
It's better to have an old man
nagging you about your future
than no old man not nagging you
about nothing.
Things not great at home?
It don't matter,
as long as you stand by me.
- Where would I be without you?
- Seeing as I drive you here every day,
you'd probably be at home
asleep in bed.
Do you mind?
Very much so.
I think it's hip you
paint. It's hip I drum.
It's perfect that we're friends.
You know, I'm beginning to think...
Pardonnez-moi? Pardonnez-moi.
That's original. How long you
been pulling that one?
How long have you been a lesbian?
Excuse me?
I think you have a bit too much up front
to be a guy, so you must be a lesbian.
I beg your pardon?
You know, too much breastage here.
- Hey!
- Faggot! Come on!
That's enough! Break it up!
That's enough!
- Animal.
- Clear out.
See, they jumped me. Why don't
you nail them? I didn't do anything.
Those aren't mine.
Oh, man. That's just for show. I don't...
Those were a gift from... your wife.
You just got detention, mister.
- For what? For what?
- We'll talk about it in detention hall.
What's this?
- Isabella of Spain.
- Women who rule! We're feisty.
- Yo! Are you sitting down?
- No, I'm walking down the
Чудеса своего рода

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