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Аленький цветочек

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EndM. Gorky Central Film Studio
for Children and Youth
Oh, why can't I sleep at nighttime...
Why, I dunno it myself, my girl...
I've got no time to play hide-and-
seek with you, daughter.
No one here, either.
Don't you want to say goodbye to me,
daughter? Or did anyone hurt you?
Take me along, father, will you?
You're so strange, Alyona.
Why are you hiding?
What would you like me to bring you?
What present?
A Persian shawl?
Or a cat from overseas?
Or maybe you want a talking parrot,
or a monkey?
Father, will you please bring me
the scarlet flower?
The scarlet flower?
The scarlet flower.
I saw it in my dream.
But don't tell anyone about it,
and don't ask anyone.
It will show up itself...
the scarlet flower.
It will be the most beautiful
flower in the whole world!
Based on tales
about the beauty and the beast
Written by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Konstantin ZAGORSKY
Music by E. DENISSOV
Sound by B. GOLEV
English Subtitles by
Alyona - Marina ILYICHOVA
Merchant - Lev DUROV
Fairy - Alla DEMIDOVA
Old Man - Alexei CHERNOV
Prince - Alexander ABDULOV
Yegorka - Valentin GNEUSHEV
Akulina - Yelena VODOLAZOVA
and the Folk Music Ensemble
- I think he would never leave.
- And won't bring us any presents.
- We must go, we must hurry.
- Yes, yes...
We must go, we must hurry.
Yes, you must.
- Goodbye, dear father!
- Farewell, father!
- Goodbye, goodbye, father!
- Come back soon!
Why are you crying? I'm not gone yet.
What are you waiting for, then?
I forgot something,
and can't remember what it is.
- Try to remember, father.
- It's about the presents.
Well, what do you want me
to bring you?
For me, a crown of precious stones
to match the colour of my eyes.
And for me, a hand-glass
to look into and never get old.
Made of crystal,
with scrolls at the sides.
You mean, the mirror.
We haven't started the stove today,
yet the chimney's smoking.
Where's Alyona?
Come on, go!
- Will he ever leave?
- Let's move the clock's hands.
Alyona's disappeared again!
Take it to the cart.
Who's playing jokes here?
- Where's the master?
- Go and hurry up the master!
- It's noon already!
- He has to go!
- Where's Alyona?
- We haven't seen her.
- Is that Alyona's piglet?
- Where did it run to?
Listen, Alyona wants to go
with father.
That's the last straw!
- We have found Alyona!
- Alyona is in the cart.
- She's hiding in the cart!
- She wants to go with father!
Let go, I'm going to tell father,
and he will take me with him!
Leave me alone!
Father, take me with you!
I'll be useful to you. If a horse
gets lame, I'll cure him.
Why should he be lame? We've got
fine horses, with strong shoes.
Fish are swimming to me,
birds are flying to me, father!
I can keep wolves away.
Take me along!
Have you ever seen a live wolf?
There she ran again! Alyona!
Goodbye, Yerofei Yerofeich!
Have a nice trip! Farewell!
Bring us the presents!
- Goodbye, father!
- Come back soon!
Goodbye, father!
Don't forget the presents!
- Bring us gifts!
- Goodbye, father!
Look what I can do!
Yerofeich, you jump three times
and you get so hot!
We haven't even noticed how you came,
May I sit by your fire?
- You're welcome.
- Will you join us for our supper?
Where are you going?
I've come such a long way that
I forgot where I was going.
- Aren't you afraid of getting lost?
- My feet will lead me home.
What's your name?
You may call me whatever you wish.
You're not so simple an old man.
You've got a heavy sack.
What's in it, gramps?
Look for yourself. My eyes are in
the front, and the sack's at the back.
Isn't it a miracle!
I promised my eldest daughter to
bring her a crown just like this one.
Old man!
Where is he?
Where have
Аленький цветочек

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