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Can't you count?
We've got three children.
It's already too many.
I told you not to marry
a girl from the city. You see?
You don't know the
Chinese laws?
We don't even know
what will happen to the baby.
They can't take it
at the school,
it's not needed,
and you want a fourth one too!
why did you put
this red cloth on the urga?
Dad, tell me
the story of the wind.
Which story?
When I was sick,
you told me the story of the wind
which blew very hard,
and carried away all the horses,
and the Mongols went out
looking for them.
You remember better than me.
Are we Mongols too?
All of us? And Mom,
and Grandma?
Why are we Mongolian,
but Uncle Van Biao is Chinese?
I already told you: we are
Mongols who live in China.
Come on, let's go to the rainbow,
and I'll tell you another story.
Can we  get to the rainbow?
No, of course not.
Sit down close to me.
I'll tell you a story.
When there were plenty of us,
the great Genghis Khan heard talk
of a herd of extraordinary horses,
feeding in the far north.
And one fine day,
in this large herd, there appeared...
a white foal.
Listen, he's singing.
See how beautiful he is.
Look... red nose...
See his eyes? Round,
as if he's wearing glasses.
There's something in...
Look, Bouin hid that here
so that his sister wouldn't find it.
Mom! Mom!
Come here!
Take your toy.
Go and play!
The pine branches are prickly,
The girls of Voronezh are cute.
The pine branches are prickly,
The girls of Voronezh...
Don't fall asleep at the wheel, idiot!
Don't fall asleep at the wheel, idiot!
Oh, geez...
Don't fall asleep at the wheel, idiot!
Don't fall...
Oh, my darling!
There are people here, too!
Yeah! Attack!
Bloody hell! Damn!
God! What a fuck!
Damn! Fucking idiots!
What is this shit!
Geez, mom! Somebody, help!
A corpse!
Pagma! Come here!
Bourma... Bouin... Come here!
To do what, Dad?
Bring me the stone.
Mom, what are we going to do?
We'll help Dad
to soften the straps.
Hold tight.
Make some tea!
Mom, don't seat in the sun,
it's no good.
Go into the shade.
Here's your tea.
The tea.
Drink, drink.
Here's Bayartou.
Drunk as always.
Even his horse is staggering.
Uncle Bayartou is here! Uncle Bayartou!
Hello, neighbor.
Where did you come from, so drunk?
You know, I'm jealous of you.
Beautiful day, eh?
Hey, dear... How are you?
Come to me, I'll give you a kiss.
You should be ashamed!
Hey... I brought you one thing here...
Look... That'll still be able to fix your...
Kind of spare one...
See what I mean?
A bit shrunken, though... Just like yours...
What's that up there?
- Where?
- Up your hat.
Oh, this... I forgot.
My brother from America sent me his photo.
I've got a brother in America, you remember?
He sent me his pic.
A brother in America?
What are you drivelling about?
I've got a brother in America!
Don't you know?
- Look at this, he sent me his pic.
- What a windbag...
- Just look! We're alike.
- This is your brother?
Hey, neighbour, when will you give it to me?
Get off! What a cheeky fellow...
Look: the same beard,
the same nose! See? And the lips!
I'll give it to you,
for you to remember me, eh, neighbour?
- So when will you give it to me, huh?
- Stop that, you cheeky rascal!
Alright, alright... You got a glass?
Let's... just a little...
What a... There's nothing more.
Get down!
No, I'm going. I'll go and see Demberel!
He always has some vodka.
Go, then! Just don't fall off
the horse on the way!
Look at yourself, you're so drunk!
And your horse looks like drunk, too!
Goodbye, Uncle Bayartou!
Come back and see us! Come back soon!
Help me!
Who's that, over there?
What is that, mom?
I don't know...
Somebody's yelling.
Bayartou brought this photograph.
He says it's his brother.
Does it look like him?
Well, yes, quite like him..
Hey, over there, on the horse!
I'm calling you!
What are you waiting for?

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