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Some years ago
I don't wanna be a product
of my environment
I want my environment
to be a product of me.
Years ago we had the Church.
That was only a way of saying:
we had each other.
But now, I dont know...
It's a funny thing.
...put hate in your heart.
The Knights o' Columbus were
real headbreakers, true guineas.
They took over their
piece of the city.
Twenty years after an Irishman
couldn't get a fuckin' job
we had the presidency,
may he rest in peace.
That's what the
niggers don't realise.
If I got one thing against
the black chappies, it's this:
No one gives it to you,
you have to take it!
Flynn, don't make me have to
come down here again for this.
Won't happen again, Mr. C.
Carmen's developin'
into a fine young lady.
You should be proud.
You get your period yet, Carmen?
Are you Johnny Sullivan's kid?
You live with your grandmother?
Flynn, get him a
couple of loaves of bread
couple of half gallons of milk.
Do you like bologna and cheese?
Give him some cold cuts,
throw some mayo in,
Do you like comic books?
You do good in school?
That's good.
I did too.
They call that a paradox.
Just keep it.
Buy yourself some make-up.
You ever wanna earn
a little extra money
you come by L street.
You know where I am on L street?
Good boy.
...to you our Lord we commend the
soul of Alphonsus your servant
in the sight of this world
he is now dead.
Forgive whatever sins he commited
through human weakness.
Church wants you in your place.
Kneel, stand, kneel, stand...
If you go for that sort of thing,
I don't know what to do for you.
A man makes his own way.
No one gives it to you,
you have to take it!
" Non serviam. "
James Joyce.
Smart, Colin!
Guineas from the
north end down Providence
tried to tell me what to do.
And somethin' maybe
happened to them...
like that!
She fell funny!
Francis, you really
should see somebody!
When you decide to be somethin'
you can be it!
That's what they don't
tell you in the Church.
When I was your age,
they would say:
we could become cops or criminals.
Today what I'm saying to you is this:
When you're facing a loaded gun
what's the difference?
Tell me boy.
Terminal ballistics
is the study of a projectile
as it hits its target,
and of the
destruction that it causes.
Take for instance what you carry.
9 mm hollow point.
When a hollow point
actually hits the skull,
what happens is that it mushrooms
and when it
mushrooms, it peels back.
You may have 6-8-10
little particles of the bullet
that are like razor blades.
Sir, yes, sir! Sir, yes, sir!
- Tearing their internal
organs, their liver
their lungs, their heart...
...when the tissue, skull,
blood, brain matter...
...that's called a blowback.
Fuck you!
Fuckin' queers!
Firemen getting pussy for
the first time in the history
of fire or pussy.
Hey, go save a kitten in
a tree, you fucking homos.
What are you looking at?
Forget it.
Your father was a janitor.
His son's only a cop.
Fucking firefighters
are a bunch of homos.
They are!
She tells me, you never
finish anything.
You finish the police course
you get taken care of again, baby.
So after graduation,
I get a blowjob again.
It's great! Your mother
must be a wonderful woman!
Fuck yourself!
Put it this way:
You're a black guy in Boston,
you don't need any help from
me to be completely fucked!
Massachusetts State Police has
a long tradition of excellence...
Your graduation today
solidifies your acceptance
into one of the finest law
enforcement agencies in our nation.
As the governor of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
I am confident each and
every one of you will serve
with distinction,
honor and integrity.
Congratulations to
all our new troopers!
Thank you! You are dismissed.
Assigned to plainclothes
right out of the gate.
We're gonna go out
for beer. You wanna come?
No, no

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