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On his 35th birthday...
I decided to tell
Julius Benedict...
the truth about himself.
Julius already knew
that he was the product...
of a scientific
conducted by
the American government.
A top-secret experiment designed
to produce a physically...
mentally and spiritually
advanced human being.
He knew that,
unlike other little boys...
he had not one,
but six fathers--
All very distinguished men...
especially chosen for
their genetic excellence.
And of course...
he knew about
Mary Ann Benedict...
the remarkable young woman...
who was selected
to be his mother.
Sadly, he had long lived
with the tragic knowledge...
that his mother died
while giving birth to him.
Now, what Julius
did not know...
not until
this very moment...
was that about a minute
after he was born...
his mother gave birth
to another baby boy.
[ Crying ]
[ Crying ]
[ Crying ]
I have a brother ?
He was sent to an
orphanage in Los Angeles...
at the same time I brought
you here to the island.
Julius had spent his entire life
here on the island...
helping me with my research.
I always thought he was happy,
and had no desire to leave.
How wrong I was.
I must find him.
Julius, Julius ! Wait, wait.
I couldn't believe he was going.
He wasn't equipped to deal
with the outside world.
All of his knowledge was from books.
Julius could speak 12 languages.
He excelled in history, science...
mathematics, literature.
He was pure in body and in spirit.
Ahhh !
But for the first time...
Julius would not listen to me.
He's probably just like me.
The nearest island with
an airport was 27 miles away.
But Julius
did not care.
He had become obsessed
with the idea...
that his brother, Vincent,
was in some kind of trouble...
and desperately
needed his help.
Honey, I'm home !
- Oh, no !
- Oh, no.
- Get going !
- I'm going.
[ Shaver Buzzing ]
Oh, hello, hello !
Oh, my goodness !
- We're gonna be late for work.
- I need my horoscope.
- Yeah, horoscope.
- ''Your judgment is at its peak today.
Use it wisely,
and romance will follow.''
- Ooh, good one.
- I hope so.
Ladies !
- Vince !
- I thought you broke up with him.
I did, I did !
- You don't mind if I talk
to your sister, do you ?
- She doesn't mind.
Don't give him any money.
Uh, no, no, I promised Marnie
I wouldn't give you any money.
[ Whimpering ]
Don't look at me like--
Don't do that thing
with your eyes.
I'm not even supposed
to be here with you.
You are here,
and so am l.
Maybe millions
of people go by...
but they all
disappear from view.
I only have eyes
for you, Linda.
I only have
eyes for you.
- It's the baby klane !
- What ?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I help you ?
- Uh, yeah.
Where's the little shit ?
You'll have to be
more specific...
concerning the clientele.
Oh, he wouldn't come in here.
- Isn't that right, Marnie ?
- Who, Vincent ?
That weasel ? That creep ?
I wouldn't serve him if he crawled in
on his hands and knees.
I knew you were trouble
the second I laid eyes on you.
Excuse me. I just have never
heard this kind of music before.
Thank you.
Hey, Vince !
Listen, Al...
you gotta help me out.
I'm into the klane
brothers for $20,000.
- You borrowed money from a loan shark ?
- What do you got ?
Got anything for me ?
See what you got.
We're doing this
too often, Vince.
I'll give you something.
I got a nice BMW
up on 4, stall 20.
[ Engine Starts ]
[ Tyres Screech ]
Vince, I'll take all
of these you can get.
[ Vince ]
All right, Tony.
- For you.
- Thanks, Tony.
Whoa, Tony !
There's only $4000 here.
For a car like this is $6000.
We're in a recession.
Everything's tough.
You wanna try someone else,
no hard feelings.
No, I just could've
used some more.
- You okay, Vince ? You seem worried.
- Yeah.
Your bowels troubling you ?
What an amazing country.
Gotta light, pal ?
Oh, excuse me.
I don't smoke, pal.
Yeah. Ha-


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