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EndIn memory of the fairy-tale director
M. GORKY Film Studio
I will tell you, dear ones,
a very old fairy tale
about our land as it was once,
about old days long gone by.
Based upon the fairy tale
by N. Shestakov
Screenplay by
Alexander ROW, Lev POTYOMKIN
Directed by
Directors of Photography:
Vladimir OKUNEV
Production Designer
Music by Vladimir SHAINSKY
Verses by Mikhail NOZHKIN
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Finist  Vyacheslav VOSKRESENSKY
Alyonushka  Svetlana ORLOVA
Yashka  Mikhail KONONOV
Voivode  Mikhail PUGOVKIN
Anfissa  Ludmila KHITYAYEVA
Agafon  Georgy VITSIN
Jolly Grannies -
Bath Attendant  Alexei SMIRNOV
Kartaus  Mark PERTSOVSKY
Kastryuk  Georgy MILLYAR
There once lived in a time long
gone by
in our village small and simple
a ploughman named Finist, a fine
strong and mighty, as no other man.
Lived he by the old, kindly rules,
being friends with all
the neighbourhood,
always standing up for weaker ones,
helping the poor in their misery.
His another friend was a falcon,
a bird that loves its freedom most.
The brave falcon flew far and high,
taking in the whole land with his eye.
If there was coming our way
some calamity,
the bird flew at once
to Finist, to give a signal:
Well, watch out.
Stop, you devils!
What do you want, the horned ones?!
Go away!
Thank you, Hero,
for saving us from cruel captivity.
We were overrun by the enemy,
the hirelings of our foreign
foe Kartaus.
You must be tired after the battle?
Drink some
cold spring water.
And your fatigue will vanish without
a trace.
Thank you.
Well, my dear,
do you feel stronger now?
Much stronger.
If I were to work now,
I would have ploughed all the land.
Go to town, son,
the Voivode is waiting for you there.
Defend our land.
It's time to hit the road.
Meanwhile over in the town
the voivode was readying for battle.
He made a call
to his worthy host,
and led his army
to the border outpost.
We're standing on guard of our
country grand,
Of its cities and towns, villages and
Ourselves in battle we will spare not,
Won't allow our land to be hurt.
Yes, won't allow,
We won't allow
Our land to be hurt.
We like to serve our dear Russia,
We love our food  borsht and kasha.
I'm a hero and you're a hero,
Fine boys in exterior and interior.
Yes, fine boys in exterior,
Fine boys in exterior
And interior, and interior.
Woe! Woe!
My lord, Russia has got a larger
than life hero, Finist!
He swooped down on your
soldiers like a falcon!
- His eyes!..
- That big!
- His fists!..
- That big!
- And his shoulders!...
- That big!
He's strong as hell!
You swine!
He's indeed like a Hercules.
We can't take him by strength.
I'll try to outsmart him.
Where's the werewolf?
- Yes, my lord.
- Look!
Destroy him!
Lure him to the thick of the forest.
Put him to shame, make him so ugly
that his own mother could not
recognize him,
so that his people repulse him.
Lest he prevent us from making raids
on their land. Understood?
Take the talisman.
It will help you.
Do not lose it.
In it lies all our strength.
In daisies-covered fields,
on the birch-tree side,
My motherland is shining
with the sun-drenched light.
I tread my land free of care,
and never tire,
I breathe with its free air,
which I aspire.
My land, you're full of mirth,
You always stay with me.
I'm tied to you from birth,
As mother and son would be.
In Russia I was lucky to be born,
I worship the ground I walk on,
I'm ready to serve her loyally and
And even die for her if to my lot
it fell.
My land, you're full of mirth,
You always stay with me.
I'm tied to you from birth,
As mother and son would be.
Oh, you little birdies, silly ones!
Why are you sitting on the


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