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Долговая яма

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[Fireworks Exploding]
[Speaking Portugese]
I do.
[Speaking Portugese]
I do.
[Speaking Portugese
-[Whistles Blowing]
## [Salsa]
You've made me
very happy, my dear.
I am happy too.
I wish only that your son
would have come to our wedding.
-My son has problems.
-How can he have problems
with a father like you?
He has problems
because he has a father like me.
-[Man Shouting In Portugese]
-[Camera Shutter Clicking]
[Man] Dear Walter, wedding snap
of me and your new mom.
We won't be coming to New York
for the 2.9 million reasons
you are aware of. Love, Dad.
P.S. Give my best to the Cheap Girls.
They were my favourite.
Very pretty, your new mom.
We used to be a respectable
law firm. Now look at him.
-Looks happy to me.
-He steals the money, I get the bills.
Dad, why did you
do this to me?
-Well, I can see why.
-Good night, Walter.
[Lamp Switch
Clicking Off]
# I feel your every breath #
# I hear the words you say #
# And I keep turning back #
# To hear the music play #
# Play #
# I'll make no promises #
# False promises
can break you #
# How can you call me home #
# Wanting me like yesterday #
# Where do we build a house #
# How do the roses grow #
# Are you and I in love #
# How do we really know #
# If love is on our side #
# You'll know
when I'm in trouble #
# That's when
my heart decides #
# To go
wherever you will go #
# The heart is so willing #
# To follow #
# The heart shows the way #
# Out of the night #
# The heart roams #
# In search of tomorrow #
# When your love takes #
# The hand that guides
the light #
# Light ##
-[Walter] "New mom. '"
How old is that girl?
-[Woman] Good morning, Walter.
Don't they have any laws in Brazil?
Don't they have any police?
Don't be so conventional.
I'm a conventional kind of guy.
That's all I ever wanted to be,
just conventional.
A little house in the suburbs,
a white picket fence...
maybe a dog,
2.4 kids...
and just to round it out...
a wife.
Will you marry me?
my darling...
I love you very much.
But why do we need a piece of paper
from the state of New York?
One bad experience, that's all.
You just had one bad experience.
Just give me
a little more time.
But I can't live
this life of shame much longer.
You're gonna have to make
an honest man of me.
-I like the kissing part.
-[Door Opening, Closing]
-[Men Chattering In Russian]
-Did you hear that?
Somebody just came in
our front door.
[Chattering Continues]
-Be careful, Walter.
-[Bedroom Door Opening]
-Oh, my God! You're still here?
Boat has docked.
He's here, you're out.
Who the hell
are you?
[Speaking Russian]
Maestro is back!
I thought he wasn't coming back
until next week.
[Speaking Russian]
You know Maestro.
He surprise you.
What are you talking about?
Who is this guy?
-I thought I had a year.
-You did, but year has come and gone.
[Speaking Russian] What you do?
You stayed in bed all the time?
Didn't look for apartment?
I... did.
There are no apartments.
Yeah, right.
Who are we talking about?
Who is this guy? Who are you?
I'm talking to him,
he won't answer me.
-When is he coming here?
-[Man] Oh, maybe
a minute, maybe an hour.
But he will come.
It's him you're talking about,
isn't it? The lunatic is back.
I thought he was in Europe.
[Man] He was,
and now he's back, and you're out!
Oh. All right.
I'm sorry.
Look, guys,
why don't I talk to him.
Maybe we can
live here all together.
[Laughing, Chattering]
Долговая яма

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