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[Murmurs, Burps]
Come here.
I'm sorry. What's the matter?
Dinner will be at 5:30.
Oh, look, Beethoven.
I guess this is Quicksilver.
Which is in the middle of,
oh, what's the word?
Nowhere. Sure hope
they have indoor plumbing.
I know. I know.
We're a long way from home,
and we've got a long month
ahead of us.
What are we gonna do all summer?
There's no mall, no movies.
We don't know
anyone except Uncle Freddy.
And we haven't seen him
in, like, forever.
You know what this adds up to?
[Beethoven Barks]
You watch your step now, little lady.
Have a nice day.
Is somebody meetin' you, hon?
Yeah, my uncle's supposed to
pick me up.
He should be here any minute.
How nice.
Maybe I know him.
What's his name?
Freddy. Freddy Kablinski.
Freddy Kablinski?
[Beethoven Barks]
[Beethoven Murmurs]
[Horn Honking]
[Siren Wailing]
[Siren Approaching]
[Horn Honking]
Sara? Sara Newton?
You're 12 minutes late.
Oh, what happened to you?
Last time I saw you you were a toddler.
I was six.
Well, whatever.
Hey, listen. Sorry I'm late.
I was working on this baby
and I kind of lost track of time.
Here, give me that bag.
Seems like, uh, I gotta tune it up
every third fire.
Mom didn't tell me you were
a firefighter.
For good reason.
I'm not. I'm a grease monkey.
[Yelps, Barks]
A certified mechanic. Whoa!
- Is that the dog?
- [Barks]
This is Beethoven.
Come on, Beethoven!
- Here, Beethoven! Come to Freddy!
- [Groans]
- Come on and say "hi." Come on!
- [Groans, Barks]
- [Barking]
- Whoa!
Beethoven, don't lick Uncle Freddy!
You don't know where he's been.
Have you ever considered a face-lift?
Maybe just shorten these a little bit?
A little tuck?
Get this wolfhound off me.
He's a Saint Bernard.
- Come on, Beethoven.
- Get him off!
So, Sara,
kicked out of camp, huh?
Way to go.
I got kicked out of college twice.
I wasn't kicked out.
They asked me to leave.
Oh, excuse me.
- [Barking]
- Andjust exactly why
were you asked to leave?
They wanted me
to use an outhouse.
Do you know what that is?
A bathroom that's on the outside?
It's a toilet seat...
on a hole in the ground.
So you got sentenced to 30 days
hard time at Camp Freddy, huh?
Uncle Freddy!
Do you need glasses?
And welcome to Camp Freddy.
Ah, we've got a whole month together
before your parents get back from Hawaii.
They're in the Bahamas.
Well, palm trees and coconuts.
Close enough.
It's okay, Beethoven.
You can go on in.
- [Murmurs]
- Remember to wipe your feet.
[Murmurs, Pants]
Come on.
Grab the mail for me, would ya?
Huh! Uh!
Uncle Freddy, I didn't do it.
Oh, it's okay.
Go on inside.
Somebody clipped
my mailbox again.
What kind of idiot can't see
a mailbox?
I've got to call the sheriff about this.
I'd throw his butt in jail
is what I'd do.
Oh, no.
What have you done?
You've only been here 30 seconds
and you've already trashed the place.
We're gonna get
kicked out of here too.
- Sorry about the kitchen.
- Is something wrong?
Well, it's kind of a mess.
I'm sorry about that.
I should have cleaned up before you got here.
You mean you did this?
Not Beethoven?
Uh, why?
Is he a messy dog or something?
It depends on what
you call messy.
Hey, no big deal.
I'll take care of this.
- Just wait here one sec.
- [Sighs]
Boy, I can't wait to see my room.
Okay, Sara, grab a wall!
Whoa! Uncle Freddy!
I put the linoleum in
so I could do this!
Watch out, Beethoven!
It's just a little side benefit I get
for tuning up that fire truck.
Uncle Freddy, I already took a shower!
Beethoven, stay back!
Pretty clean, huh?
So, what do you usually have
for breakfast at home?
Mom says as

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