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Georgia-Film Studio
The concluding film of a trilogy:
A Prayer, The Wishing Tree,
Written by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Musical Supervision
Musical pieces
by classical composers
are used in this film
as Varlam Aravidze, Abel Aravidze
Iya NINIDZE as Guliko
Merab NINIDZE as Tornike
Zeinab BOTSVADZE as Ketevan Barateli
Ketevan ABULADZE as Nino Barateli
as Sandro Barateli
Kakhi KAVSADZE as Mikhail Korisheli
Nino ZAKARIADZE as Yelena Korisheli
as Ketevan Barateli (as a child)
as Abel Aravidze (as a child)
What a splendid cake, my dear Keto!
Thank you.
Oh, God!
What a misfortune!
What happened, Apollon?
What a great man
we have lost!
Oh, my God...
Oh, God!
Was he your relative?
More than a relative!
He was my closest friend.
Lucky you!
This is the end to my luck!
My dear Varlam is gone!
And still you're lucky
to have known such a man.
We'll never have a mayor
as good as he was.
I hope you do well in your studies?
What a man we have lost!
What a great loss!
What a painful word, 'death'!
What a painful word!
My condolences.
By the way,
why is he not buried in the pantheon?
He must have not wanted it himself?
Good for Varlam, he was known
for his modesty.
Thank you.
I commiserate with you over your loss.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Varlam is not dead, no!
His soul is here, over us,
it's hovering in the air.
Tseretso is here.
Pull yourselves together!
Thank you very much, patron.
I appreciate it.
Hurray for our benefactor Tseretso!
Let's give him a round of applause!
Ladies and gentlemen!
In a few minutes
the parting bell will ring
and we'll commit to the earth
the remains of a great son of his
motherland, a man of a lofty soul,
a bright mind
and a kind heart,
loved by everyone,
our highly esteemed
Varlam Aravidze.
I think many of you have taken
notice of the highly emotional
and wise inscription on the wreath
from the friends of the deceased.
One dead man is sometimes better
than a thousand live ones.
Our dear Varlam
had many virtues,
it's hard to enumerate them all.
He had an extraordinary gift
to turn his enemy into his friend,
and his friend into his enemy.
Indeed, this is a quality of the chosen!
A coffin, like a smorgasbord,
stands in a spacious vault.
And faces grow dim in a faded mirror.
But there's no death,
only a somersault
of sinful flesh
and agonizing fear.
May you rest in peace, indefatigable
Rest in peace in your native earth.
He'll be gone, another will come
into this blooming world.
Why didn't your sweetheart honor
the funeral with her presence?
Don't say nonsense.
Though everything went off well
even without her.
Shut up, will you?
My dear boy!
My poor orphan!
Poor Abel...
What's the matter with you?
Stop clowning, it's enough.
Why is this portrait here?
Why is he howling, damn it?
Don't get up, I'll go and look.
What's the matter? What's wrong?
It's Varlam over there!
Don't go there, Abel!
Don't come near, Abel!
- Varlam!
- What?
The corpse.
- Arrest him.
- Yes.
Who saw him first?
How are you, esteemed Guliko?
When did you see him first?
I woke up this morning and saw him,
poor thing, propped up against a tree.
- We'll have to arrest the deceased.
- What do you mean, to arrest?
We need it for the inquiry.
In an hour you'll have your dear
Varlam back safe and sound.
Go ahead, then.
But do it in gloves.
What times we're living in...
They arrested Varlam himself.
- Well?
- Have you been there?
- I have.
- And what?
They didn't receive me.
Someone had forestalled us.
My highly esteemed neighbor Abel!
Did you really hope
they would help you?
What else can I do?

- -

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