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Дети капитана Гранта

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berthFilm studio
Mosfilm 1936
Based on the book by Jules Verne
O. Leonidovich
V. Vainshtok
V. Lebedev-Kumaci
Captain Grant
Iu. Iureyev
Jacques Paganel
N. Cerkasov
July 26 1864, The Duncan
departs on its maiden voyage
off the coast of Scotland.
- A shark off the Scottish coast?
- That was lucky.
Let's see what
we've got here.
There are some papers inside.
Apparently it's the same document
written in three languages.
- I can't read it
- The water's got into the bottle.
There are only
fragments of words left.
- Let's compare them with each other.
- Yes. Yes.
What's the English text
of this French or German.
Glas ... Glas .. Glasgow.
Bring ...
Bring .. your...
What, for help.
Come to the rescue.
Tannia ...
Tannia ... Britannia.
Au.. Au.. Austral ... Southern
There's something here?
On June 6 1862 ...
A sailing ship with three masts ...
Britannia from Glasgow ...
sank ...
In the southern hemisphere.
I threw this document ...
at 37 degrees 11 min...S
Come to our aid ...
otherwise we'll all die.
- Captain ...
- But where did the ship sink?
The latitude's here, but where's
the longitude. It's indecipherable.
- I see.
-But no longitude.
... GONIA, ... gonia.
Of course, Patagonia,
and Captain Grant...
Look here: May 30, 1862, Glasgow
"Britannia", Captain Grant ...
Remember 10 years ago he came up
with a proposal to the Scottish people
and even the poorest
gave what they had.
And with the money
he built a boat and left
in search of land
for a new home.
Can we save
this wonderful man?
Let us address the
Lords of the Admiralty.
And that's all you know?
The documents are fragmented.
We cannot send a rescue vessel.
Milord ... if the Admiralty
would only...
It would mean searching the whole
of Patagonia for just one man.
We've already thrown millions
in looking for Franklin.
How can we finance an expedition
destined to failure.
Miss Helen, two children
have come aboard.
they wish to
speak with Mr. Glenarvan ..
Excuse me...
I'd like to talk to Mr. Glenarvan.
Mr. Glenarvan is not here.
I am his wife, can I help you?
The newspaper writes that on board
The Duncan, Captain Glenarvan
has some information on Captain Grant.
I am the daughter of Captain Grant.
My name is Mary.
- And this is my brother Robert.
- Miss. Grant.
Miss Mary!
- Well, how did it go?
- The Admiralty refused.
to finance a rescue expedition.
- They can't forget Grant's Scottish.
- Nobody wants to help Dad.
- This is Mary Grant.
- Can we save them?
Then we must go alone
to save him. Mary!
Dear boy how can we do this?
If everyone in Scotland gave
my father 6 pence each
then they will give a penny
to his son to help rescue him.
This money will be enough
to save Captain Grant.
You're right, boy!
Inspired by this noble goal to
save the life of Captain Grant
Glenarvan and his friends
set out on a journey
both long and dangerous.
- John will take care of it.
- He's a good sailor.
When do we eat around here?
Good morning.
- So, when do we eat here?
- At 9:00 am.
To whom do I have
the honour of speaking?
Jacques Paganel.
Jacques Francois Marie Paganel.
Secretary of the Institute
of French geographers.
Corresponding Member of the
Geographical Society of:
Leipzig, Petersburg and New York.
Member of the
Royal Academy of India, etc. etc..
- Mrs. Helen Glenorvan.
And who are you?
John Mangles, captain of this vessel
on which you stand.
But how did you get here?
- I'm going to India.
- India? But we're going to Patagonia.
- Patagonia?
- Yes, We're going in the opposite direction!
To Patagonia.
- What do you mean: Patagonia?
- Yes.
- Patagonia?
- Yes.
Duncan. Patagonia. Yes. Yes.
I boarded at night in the fog.
On the wrong ship.
It I could only happen to me.
You should have been more careful?
- Yes. Sure.
I embarked on the vessel
"Scotland" going to India,
Дети капитана Гранта

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