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Skleenball is very
simple, brian.
Just sling your anchovies into
your opponent's laundry basket.
Aw, missed !
Do we get to eat the
anchovies after the game ?
No ! Does marvin haggler
eat his trunks
after a fight ?
Who dumped my
clean laundry
on the floor ?
Well, alf
told me to.
We were playing
It's not nice to
rat on your friends.
What's skleenball ?
A picture's worth
a thousand words.
That picture was worth
a thousand dollars.
Well, maybe the frame
makes it look cheap.
I am tired of
your breaking things.
If this happens once more, you
will be living in the garage.
From now on,
i'll treat this house
as if it were my own.
Treat it as if
it were my house,
And don't break anything !
Cheap frame !
I guess it can
be repaired.
Heads up !
I said i was sorry.
How many times do
i have to say it ?
It's gotten to a point
where saying you're sorry
isn't enough.
What if i write it down ?
You don't get it,
do you.
Get what ?
This whole idea
of living together.
We make rules
and follow them
To keep our lives
from becoming chaos.
If anybody breaks
those rules --
You, me, or anybody --
Then life
You're right.
I don't get it.
Let me put it
this way --
You're staying in the garage
until we say you can get out.
That i get.
Let me ask you
Did you act this way
in your parent's house ?
No.I lived
in their garage.
Oh, sure !
Draw parallels.
Just think about
what i've said,
okay ?
And we'll discuss
it later.
Willie, please.
You can't leave
me out here.
There are none
of the comforts
of home.
All right.
You can bring something
out from the house.
Can it be something
that answers to
"hey, lucky" ?
Just a thought.
Wait, i want to ask you
something important.
What ?
Goodbye, alf.
Wait, i know.
Instead of wasting time
learning how to behave,
Could i just
suck up to kate ?
Kate and i agreed about
sending you out here.
If anything, you'll
have to suck up
to both of us.
Thanks, i'll remember that.
Willie !
Willie !
Our furniture !
We've been robbed !
Wishful thinking.
Oh, hi.
A housewarming gift.
How nice.
Who said you could bring
this furniture out here ?
I did not !
You said i could bring
something from the house.
I said something.
Not everything !
In all fairness, you did
not make that point clear.
He did bring everything.
I didn't take that
hideous clock.
That clock was a
gift from my mother.
Did i say hideous ?
I meant lovely --
Like your mother.
That's the microwave.
Brisket anyone ?
Forget the brisket !
take everything back
into the house tonight.
And i emphasize
everything !
And i emphasize
tonight !
If you don't, you'll
be out here permanently.
I notice you emphasize
the word permanently.
Can we sit down
and talk this out ?
Just give me one minute.
You have 1 minute.
Thank you.
Willie, don't
sit in my chair.
That was
my chair
in the house.
Well, we're not
in the house !
40 seconds.
That's not fair.
Willie talked, too !
Penalize him !
What are you --
Mission control ?
30 seconds ?
I just had a minute --
Half a minute ago !
Just say what you
have to say !
Good night, alf.
No !I need human
I don't know how
i ever got along
without it.
But now i'm hooked.
I'm a people junkie.
Don't go.
You go ahead, kate.
I'll sit out
here with him
for awhile.
What are you
doing ?
It seems like he
really misses us.
I do, i do, i do.
He's got our
furniture &
Now, he's
after us.
You're right,
of course.
You stay in
the garage.
Without us,
and without
our brisket.
Good night, alf.
Wait, please !
Give me another chance.
I know i could change.
Let me move back
inside for 1 week,


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