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Идеальное убийство

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There you are!
How was your day?
Any progress in saving the world?
I'm working on it.
You changed your mind about tonight?
Not really. Told you
I didn't want to miss it.
What happened with that dinner
with the London people?
-You made it sound so unavoidable.
-It was.
Fortunately, they missed their plane.
Here's to. . .
. . .stolen moments.
You look so handsome,
I better see if I can catch up.
Nobody home?
I left some Security Council
transcripts out, but everybody's gone.
Anything earth-shattering?
No, it's just important enough
not to be left out.
You look incredible.
Yeah, but we have to hurry.
I prefer this one.
Can I have a picture, please?
This way. This way, please.
There's Andrew. Good to see him.
Robynn, hi.
Steven, how are you?
Nice to see you.
Emily, you look wonderful.
Keep up the good work.
That's Steven Taylor
and his wife, Emily.
Well, at last!
The beautiful people have arrived.
Fantastic dress!
Thank you.
I didn't expect to see you tonight,
with Greenspan and all.
Why's that?
I thought you'd be
up to your ass in alligators.
Rumors of my death have been
greatly exaggerated.
All I need is her phone number.
I must see about something.
Thank you, darling.
The temple's hieroglyphics
are supplications. . .
. . .to the gods of fertility.
I do believe I know his work.
Perhaps we could come along
to your studio one day.
You said he wasn't coming.
He changed his mind.
I tried to call you.
What are we going to do?
Nothing. Just relax.
-He doesn't know who I am, right?
You're a peach.
Lunch tomorrow?
And tomorrow. . .
. . .and tomorrow.
I leave you alone for 30 seconds
and you elope with a younger man.
Steven, I'd like to
introduce you to David Shaw.
Pleasure! Nice to meet you.
David is a painter.
I saw some of his pieces downtown.
I thought they were amazing.
What brings you uptown to our
little inbred soirйe?
Actually, Emily was kind enough
to wrangle me an invite.
Me too.
So tell me about your work. . .
. . .David?
A couple small galleries
carry me when there's space.
-You studied formally?
-Berkeley, Cal Arts.
Almost formally graduated too.
Too much study pollutes the soul.
-And he's good?
-He's wonderful.
I'd love to see your pieces.
Maybe we can arrange a time.
-Whenever you want.
-Emily has your number?
No. The gallery can get ahold of me.
You know which one?
If you're as good as she says. . .
. . .I'll pass the word on
to my acquisitive friends.
Thanks. That's very generous.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Pleasure to see you.
We cannot be held accountable...
...for the actions of others
that require us to defend ourselves.
Madame Ambassador.
It's the same speech he gave in
Geneva 3 months ago, word for word.
-Good morning, how are you?
-Fine, thank you.
Steven, spreads are blowing out.
The way things look in Europe,
it could turn into a bloodbath.
-So what are we talking?
-At least 1 50 basis points.
The Bundesbank will have to tag along.
Your yen and mark positions
will get hammered.
So what's our exposure?
Based on my preliminary trend model?
Yes. No frills.
Think Chernobyl.
Greenpoint, next stop.
What you got there?
It's a little surprise.
Come on up.
Here's your fortune.
"You have a deep interest
in all that is artistic. "
It's true.
You didn't have to get this for me.
You need a little civilizing.
What do you need?
What do you need?
You know, we could be in Belize
this time tomorrow.
You ever been there?
You'd think you'd died
and went to heaven.
But I already think that.
You look so pretty today.
Hey, it's David. Leave one.
I'll get back to you.
David, hi. It's Steven Taylor.
I'm finishing a little early today.
I thought I might come by
and check out your work.
Say about six.
If that flies with you, call me
at my office here at 5-4-4-...
... 1-8- 1-7.
I look forward to seeing you.
What are you going to
Идеальное убийство

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