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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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Now, you're telling
me you're a machine ?
A robot ?
You knew I wanted access
to the defense mainfraim.
Do you have any idea what they
would do to me if they find out ?
Get down !
Moments ago, this ship received word...
of a Cylon attack against
our homeworlds is underway.
As of this moment,
we are at war.
All right, we can take
three more people.
I'm giving up my seat.
I decided you are an expression
of my subconscious mind...
playing itself during my waking state.
Now I'm... only in your head?
There maybe Cylon agents
living among us.
Some may not even know
they're Cylons at all.
They could be sleeper agents
programmed to perfectly impersonate
human beings until activation.
And one minute to mark
God has a plan for you, Gaius.
He has a plan for
everything and everyone.
Gaius, are you even listening to me?
Dear passagers 30 seconds to mark.
Men, Women...
[Pr. Roslin]
... age.
You know what?
- Do this after the jump, it's all right.
- Yes Mam President.
You have to believe in something.
I believe in a world I can
and do understand.
A rational universe...
explained through rational means.
"I love you", that's not... rational.
No, but...
You're not rational.
You're also not really here.
Neither am I.
Madam President, Ladies and Gentlemen,
our 33 minutes are almost up once again.
Please prepare for a faster
than light jump. Thank you.
Cutting it a little close
this time, aren't we, Billy ?
The pilot says they've had to reboot
the FTL computer again.
Why do the Cylons come
every 33 minutes?
Why isn't it 34 or 35  or...
- Cally.
- What ?
Shut up.
15 seconds.
Sir, jump 2-3-7 underway.
53 ships have jumped. 10 still
reporting trouble with their FTL drives
including Colonial One.
We're getting slower.
Maybe this time...
DRADIS contacts
It's the Cylons.
Dammit !
Not this time,
maybe the next.
Got another idea
for the next cycle.
Ladies and gentlemen, i'm afraid
the Cylons have appeared again.
However our FTL drive is now
working and we will jump momentarily.
Five days now.
There are limits...
to the human body,
to the human mind.
Tolerances that you
can't push beyond.
All those are facts.
Provable facts.
Everyone has their limit.
All right, you know the drill, people.
Scatter formation.
Keep 'em off the civvies, and don't
stray beyond the recovery line.
Watch the ammo hoists o­n the main guns.
You've got a red light right there !
We have a hit on the starboard bow
Away the damage control parties.
Base Star's launching raiders.
Colonial One
is ready to jump.
All civilians ships away
including Colonial One.
Recover fighters.
Stand by to jump.
Combat landings.
- All fighters aboard, sir
- Execute jump.
Jump 2-3-7
All civilian ships present
and accounted for, sir.
Start the clock.
And let's start preparing
for the next jump [Tigh]
Clock is running.
33 minutes...
You got 32 minutes, people.
You know you're not safe.
No, of course not.
The Cylons will
follow us again.
As they have
the last 237 times.
You're right, you know,
there are limits.
- Eventually you'll make a mistake.
- And then they'll kill us all.
Yes, yes i know...but
Not for another 33 minutes.
I wanna try something
new this time.
Divide the fleet into 6 groups
and then ju--
And then jump 2 more times,
and on the fourth jump we rendez-vous
at a common set of coordinates.
24 jumps to plot,
We're breaking our humps...
calculating, one jump every 33 minutes.
Get off my jacket.
- Are you eating this ?
- Not anymore.
Combat landing's expected again
to be the order of the day, so... [Lee]
double-check your
undercarriage, before...
Look, you all have
done this 237 times.
You know what to do.
No mistakes...
and  let's make it to 238.
And good luck.
And be careful out there
Never forget
Hey, you do me a favour?
Tell Captain Apollo,
he owes me one wing.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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