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Приключения Бакару Банзая в восьмом измерении

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Launch control is having trouble
verifying mass acceleration.
Team Banzai rotational supervisor,
please confirm.
I want an electromagnetic
fuel reading from the launch.
We are T minus seven zero and holding.
Antigravity inertia reversal crosscheck.
Can we have a photographic
printout to the bunker?
T minus six zero three and holding.
Phaser positive. Latch compressor.
axial compressor... latched.
Fuel pressure... 1800 torrs.
Commence pullback to
the launch sequence. Clear the launch.
Specific density is 2.5. Over.
Youre kidding. Hes still at the hospital?
Banzai hasnt showed yet, Mr Secretary.
Looks like hes got cold feet.
Well, better go see whats
keeping the boss, Reno.
Why me?
Cos Im busy.
May I have the curved Yasargil, please?
Its not here, Dr Banzai.
Ah, let me have the straight one then.
See, this is the part where for me
it started looking like a problem.
I mean, I wanted to sacrifice the precentral
vein in order to get some exposure.
But because of this guys normal variation,
I got excited and all the sudden I didnt know
whether I was looking at the precentral vein or one
of the internal cerebro veins or the Vein of Galen
or the Basilar vein of Rosenthal, so one my own me at
this point I was ready to say "Thats it, lets get out".
See, you can check
your anatomy all you want,
and even though there may be normal
variation, if you get right down to it,
this far inside the head,
it all looks the same.
No, no, no. Dont tug on that.
You never know what it might be attached to.
This is control.
02 vents are closed. Looks good.
Dr Banzai is using the laser
to vaporise a pineal tumour
without damaging
the quadrigeminal plate.
Subcutaneous microphone gonna
allow the patient to transmit
verbal instructions to his own brain.
Like "Raise my left arm"?
Or "Throw the harpoon".
People are gonna come from all over.
This boys an Eskimo.
You ever thought about
joining me full time?
What do you mean? You serious?
Do you have an opening?
Uhhuh. Can you sing?
A little. Yeah. I can dance.
Hey, its Buckaroo.
We have Buckaroo descending.
We have him on the launch parameter.
Inertial control positive.
T minus five four five. Resume counting.
Hey, hey, Rawhide!
All systems righteous.
Professor Hikita says we have a go.
Im teeing off in an hour and a half.
Whats this jalopy supposed to do anyway?
500 miles an hour, General.
Oh, Senator, youre so gullible.
Please clear the launch grid.
Please clear the launch grid.
HB 88, this is control.
Drivers door check secure.
..B, C, D, E...
Clear the area!
Control, this is HB 88.
Commanders voice check. Over.
Roger, HB 88. Read you. Out.
Control, this is HB 88.
Event timer started. Over.
HB 88, this is control.
APU start is go.
You are on your
onboard computer. Over.
Roger, I copy.
Altimeters? Compasses?
Set and crosschecked.
Reserve brake system two?
Closed and guarded.
Gear handle?
Down and in.
Throttles and start levers?
Closed, off.
Number four electric hydraulic pump and press?
On and checked.
Parking brake?
Set. Press checked.
Radios, radar and transponder?
Set and stand by.
HB 88, this is control.
IMU alignment in progress.
We show 28 degrees, 36 minutes.
30.32 seconds north...
by 80 degrees, 36 minutes.
14.8 seconds west.
Synchro is aligned.
HB 88, this is control.
Ground crew secure. Over.
INS ram coordinates.
Form one, fuel ticket?
On board.
Circuit breakers?
Point of no return. Five, four, three...
We have main engine start.
..two, one.
Electronuclear carburation seems fine.
Hes fast. lll give Banzai that. But one
heatseeking missile and hes history.
This is control. APU start is go.
Youre on your onboard computer. Over.
They are reading you on the localiser
downrange. Looks good. Over.
HB 88, this is control.
Speed steady at 317 nautical.
400 and accelerating!
Horizontal velocity is expanding. Over.
Four... three...
Here he comes.
..two... one.
Приключения Бакару Банзая в восьмом измерении

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